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There May Be Something There That Wasn’t There Before

What a day! First, Happy Birthday to my awesome friend, Beatrice Feeney – love you girl, you DESERVED this great day.  Secondly, we all got to see a preview of Belles Enchanted Tales…and it did NOT disappoint! I literally just got home and went straight to my lap top so I could post this so all of you could see what I did. Enjoy!

We celebrated Beatrice’s birthday together in the American pavilion in Epcot. She opened her presents and loved her wand from Wendy, her mugs from Shelley, and my Princess Minnie that I gave her.  I told her that I felt she SCREAMED a stuffed animal to me, that I knew she would be perfect to buy one for. I mean come on, have you MET her? She is a ball of smiles, a ray of sunshine.  I have never met anyone who has so much joy pouring out of them, and THAT is why I love her so much!

After a lunch at Sunshine Seasons, we not only got to ride Soarin’, fastpasses for only half hour later- BUT- it only had a 15 minute wait. FIFTEEN MINUTES PEOPLE!!!  On a Sunday afternoon, at about 2:00 pm. UN HEARD of!!!

After a ride and waiting to grab the umbrella I left on the ride, we headed for the monorail to head to the Magic Kingdom. Word was they would be having the “Belle” section open until 4 pm.

Having just been there last night, I found it almost comical I was back on Main Street USA again so soon. No time for nostalgia, we had to get back to Fantasyland fast, as it was after 3. Thankfully we made it to the section and had quite the funny when we got there. The section for the walkway was OPEN, a new area to walk past it, but we thought it was the entrance to Belle’s cottage. NOPE, we were so embarrassed. Then worried. Did we miss the chance to see it?

Luckily, we had our birthday girl and sent her ahead to talk the Cast Members into letting us in- success! Apparently they were asking people to come and check it out from Philharmagic, so if you are around this week, you SHOULD see it! (Tomorrow there is NO preview, this confirmed by a CM)

We got through the door, and we were FREAKING OUT! I have to say this people, I KNOW some of you have seen it already – either in person or online- that is great. But for me, I personally don’t look at anyone else’s media feed BECAUSE I want to see it for myself.  So if you DO NOT want to see pics or know what happens, read no further.  For the rest, read on!

Walking up to the cottage, my heart was racing. It was as if I had walked right onto the set of the movie, that the storybook had opened before my very eyes and Belle herself was asking me to play.  The plants, the woodwork, the Castle off on the hill… it was AMAZING.

I lined up with my friends, and found Shari Matz and also friend Jackie in line for the same thing.  I felt so blessed to be able to share it with not only them, but my friends I had shared my time with that day.  It is something else to experience the magic with friends who understand and have the same passion you do.  The energy between the seven of us probably could have fueled a small city.

We walked up to the cottage entrance, and we DID look for hidden Mickeys.  Oh, the small room was just so adorable and charming. The picture of Belle and her mom, the rocking chair, the fireplace, and oh the loving pile of books on the floor.  I loved the detail, and probably could have spent all day in there if I had had more time.

The CM’s  ushered us in quite quickly to Maurice’s work shop where a large mirror hung on the wall. People were flashing cameras, and they INSISTED no flash pictures, so just a heads up on that.  I took picture after picture as the mirror grew, and grew, and GREW until it was as tall as a door way. The wall was gone and it was now a hallway into the Beasts Castle. HOW did they do that??

We walked into the hallway where Madam Dresser picks who will tell the tale of Beauty and the Beast for Belle herself.  Her face, the animation they used for her… it was INCREDIBLE!!!  After all the characters were picked out, Beatrice included as the Feather Duster, the cast walked into the Library first.

The LIBRARY!! How many times I have pictured my own girls in this glorious room- on the carpet, book in hand, gone to some far off place for awhile. Now standing in what was only a dream before was surreal.  And Lumier, standing himself on the mantle of the fireplace. The cast had their own “Be Our Guest” musical number, with BELLE herself in her beautiful gold dress.  She was wonderful, and each volunteer got a bookmark and special picture taken with her.

We walked out among Imagineers, and I thanked each of them. They did a WONDERFUL job and I felt VERY blessed to have been able to take part in their “experiment.”  I hope to get the family there this week at some point, it will BLOW people away with how amazing it is!  Enjoy the pictures and have a great day!


  1. WOW! My son, dil and a friend are there now. I just told them if they were lucky they might get a sneak peek. Thanks for the tip!!


  2. We are flying in this Friday and I hope that we can get to see the preview while we are there for the week. It looks amazing! I am fascinated by animatronic Luminiere and also by the picture turning into the door is awesome!!!! I am so glad you got to see it and it gives me hope that we will too while we are there!

    Thanks for the post and the pictures!


  3. I wish we could have made it for Beatrice’s b’day celebration! She is so sweet and her smile lights up this world. What a wonderful day for a very special lady!!!


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