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The Publix Chicken Meal Deal

If you have stayed off Disney Property or driven around the area near WDW, I am sure you have heard of the grocery store “Publix.”  You can’t throw a rock ten feet without running into a Publix here in Central Florida. I LOVE them, they are classy and they have EXCELLENT service!  And because I love them so much, I wanted to give a heads up to my readers on one of my favorite deals they have there.

It’s not a weekly deal, but an “all the time” deal which is their chicken meal deal.  Like fried chicken? I don’t know many who don’t! You get 8 pieces of DELICIOUS fried chicken, two 8 ounce sides, and four dinner rolls. The sides can be picked out in the cooler, across from where you pick up the chicken- and my FAVORITE is the sweet coleslaw and red skin potatoe salad. Oh..and the rolls are soft and delicious.

But here is the BEST part…the whole deal is $10.99!  Easily feeds a family of four- and so incredibly affordable when you compare the Park prices and KFC costs to it.  If you have the means to get off Disney Property on your vacation, I HIGHLY recommend this meal deal as it is incredibly yummy and affordable to boot! Enjoy!


  1. Bringing back memories from our WDW trip last month! We stayed in Reunion (AllStar Vacation Condo) and went to the Publix right there. We did get that chicken deal on one of the nights. Sooo good and at a great price!


  2. We love it too! And there’s more good news…you can also get the whole rotisserie style chicken instead of fried if you prefer for the same price!!! Thanks for the great tip for your readers! This is a great deal. PS, the macaroni salad is great too!


  3. What a coincidence! I live in south Florida and just got back from, Publix..guess what I bought for dinner!?!?!?! All of thier freshly cooked food is awesome, and they make a mean sub too!


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