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Labor Day Week… What Empty Disney Parks Look Like

We were here last year at the same time, but we had only experienced Magic Kingdom “empty.” THIS YEAR- the Parks were Ghost towns. Yes, you could walk onto everything and it was almost eerie how quiet they were. Bad for business, but GREAT for locals after dealing with a summer of crazy crowds. So for your enjoyment, I wanted to share pics from all the Parks on how empty it really was last week. Enjoy!


Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Magic Kingdom


  1. WOW!! I have never seen the parks like that, especially for a holiday week. It is kinda eerie. I can’t wait to be a local and enjoy low crowds. Thanks for sharing!


  2. When I’ve been there this time of year, even Labor Day itself was a lower-than-average attended day at the Magic Kingdom. Easily the best three-day weekend of the year for crowds.


  3. It’s amazing what happens when school starts. 🙂 We were homeschooling our kids and went in September one year (2007), the crowds were awesome and the weather was super. My wife is headed down there with her mother this week, they should have a great time!


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