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When Emily Met Bear…

I had scrapbooked this event, but I thought our Disney family would enjoy seeing the day that Emily and our family met “Bear.”  If you don’t know who Bear is, he was a loveable bear who lived in a big blue house. He had his friends Tutter, Ojo, Pip, Pop, and many others. The first time Emily saw him on the Disney Channel, she fell in love.

During the months that Emily would battle Cancer, she held onto certain things that we feel made her feel better. One was her Jessie doll from Toy Story, but the second was the endless shows of Bear and Rolie Polie Olie.  When we heard Bear would be in Green Bay, we were estatic! We got tickets right away so Emily could see him come alive in front of her on the stage, we were soooooo excited!

Then a friend online contacted Bears people and told them about our Emily. One thing led to another and we were asked to come back stage to meet Bear himself.  We were speechless. What was so moving about all of this is that Emily had JUST had her left eye removed a couple of weeks prior.  We needed an uplifting moment after facing such a hard trial…and it was everything and more.

You will see us much younger, and the kids are SOOOO small. But I wanted to share the story and pics with you- they don’t do justice to what we felt during that moment. But it was special, and I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. What wonderful pictures those are. You are truly an amazing family!! I can’t even imagine going through something like that with one of my boys. It makes the picture you posted of Emily meeting Joan Cusak even more special.


  2. Oh my, as soon as I saw this post I had to share it with my DD (also 12). She had a profound fear of Bear as a toddler and I could never get her to see the show when we were at the Studios! She likes to read your posts about Emily and she enjoyed this post until she saw the pic of Bear reaching out to Emily. My DD shuddered and said, “Well, Emily is sure Braver than me. It looks like he is trying to take her!” I guess that is one fear my DD will never overcome!


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