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The Peace and Quiet of Epcot

I was in all four Parks last week, NEVER saw them that empty before in all my time on vacation and now living here. But today, I visited Epcot on my own for a virtual vacation for all my Disney pals.  I had hoped it would be “dead” but I was in shock at how quiet it really was. I did post a couple of the pictures on FB and Instagram, but I wanted everyone to see just how empty it was.

I also have to say that it was so much fun to just walk up and “do” anything. When the crowds are thick, I don’t dare say hello to Mickey or attempt to ride “Soarin.” Sure, I’ll fastpass it, but today… I just walked up and on. Stopped only to hear Puddy do this thang and then I was on the ride. I was in shock to see other rows around me COMPLETELY empty.  I have been in the biggest crowds when even getting there early meant usually a 10 minute wait.  It was FANTASTIC!

And yes, I saw Mickey. Nope, not inside his area but OUTSIDE in the walkway! He grabbed a couple kids hands and in they went. So I thought “What the heck” and I followed to get my pics taken with the fab 5 today.  I bounced from one to another, click, done. All in all it took about 10 minutes. And that was BEFORE Soarin.’

I casually walked around Epcot like I owned the place. Why? Noone was in there to care that I did. I took pictures of so many wonderful things, and I saw more Cast Members who looked bored to tears today, so I chatted it up with them. ALWAYS fun conversations with them.

I walked the World Showcase with not a care in the World, just the agenda to have a peaceful time and let others share in the magic with me.  I know what people think around me “Gosh she stares at her phone a lot” – well I am trying to share the love online, so if you see me, that’s what I am doing.  Knock on wood, haven’t fallen into any fountains yet.

I did so much in a 3.5 hour time period that I almost felt like I had missed something. I don’t do Mission:Space and I didn’t have the patience for Ellen, so it was Spaceship Earth on the way out and I was home by 1:30 after grabbing lunch.  So in conclusion, YES, I would suggest coming between Labor Day and before Food and Wine if you want the Parks to yourself- there is NOTHING like it.


  1. WOW!!! That is so amazing to see the parks so empty. I would love to experience it! Has it been empty for a week now? Do you remember it being so empty last year?


  2. Kinda of eery – What’s the weather like this time of the year. We went one September and the humidity was oppressing and there were super bad rain storms with severe thunder and lightening.


  3. Wow crazy. I always try to go in Sept or Oct. but I have never seen it that dead before and I have been many times. Too bad it wouldnt be like that when I go to the D23 Magic and Merriment event in Dec that would be pretty cool.Dizneydad Paul Indiana


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