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Little Mermaid Section at Art of Animation Resort

Enjoying the evening, we thought it would be fun to add a touch of something new. We headed over to the “Art of Animation Resort” for a look at the Little Mermaid section that just opened officially today. It is SPECTACULAR!  My absolute favorite part was the Eric statue from the movie that she fawns over in her grotto area.  I was super happy to see that and grab a picture with the handsome Prince Eric. Who doesn’t like a Prince?

My only beef with this section and the rest is WHERE is the movie music? I would love to hear “Under the Sea” when walking around, or “Life is a Dream” when strolling through the Cars area in the evening.  They play either old tunes, not even Disney, or nothing at all.  But other than that, I love this Resort and it was VERY busy today! Enjoy the pictures and have a great evening.


  1. When I was there recently, I also too noticed how there was no music, not even Cars music playing when I was walking around. I hope they change that and start playing some music.

    The photos are awesome. I love them all – and how they even added her dinglehopper LOL (hairbrush) The area looks so colorful too!! I am glad that you were able to go and walk around and take photos for us!! This is a resort I hope to stay at in the coming months 🙂


  2. Thank you for all the pics. The Little Mermaid has alway been my favorite Disney movie. I can’t wait to stay there our one night ,Oct 3rd, before our cruise. I will be taking hundreds of pics of this resort.


  3. I can’t wait to check that resort out when we are there in December. I already plan to take a ton of pictures from each section. Can’t Wait!!! As always, thanks for sharing.


  4. Hi! Love the pics I’m staying there next month, only 4 of us so we booked the little mermaid. My question to you is, how far is the nemo pool and buses. Is it worth spending an extra 150 to be in “the middle”. Thanks!


  5. Hi Mercy… we just stayed there this past weekend,,,,while it is the last buildings of the Art of Animation…we didnt find the walk bad at all….you have so much to look at on your way to and from the front of the resort, the walk goes by fast,,now if you have little ones that are exhausted and have to be carried,,,that would be a different subject…but we came back from park, walked back to room for cups then back up front again,,it is a nice walk..


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