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I Get Sick Every Time I Look At You

Ok, so the title was to catch you off guard- did it work? I have been wanting to write for some time now about certain attractions in Walt Disney World that make me queasy. I am talking about the nausea, the motion sickness, or even a dizzy spell. So here goes, and I hope it helps those out there that may suffer from anything like this.


The obvious number one is Mission: Space because it spins you while sucking the GForces from the bottom of your toes to the top of your head- a no brainer here to avoid it and ride the tame side instead.

Finding Nemo and Friends– I know, you are scratching your head on this one.  In the tunnel where Crush and friends decide to surf the EAC with us, well, I don’t do well with the “spinning” feeling.

Spaceship Earth– another tunnel area. After the garage and the guy on the computer, you enter a “time warp” of sorts. After being stuck in this area once, I was ready to wretch by the time I got to see the Earth after it.

Soarin’- Second to last scene takes you into downtown Los Angeles where the camera seems to shake a little. That motion, added to the busy lights, is one I ALWAYS keep my eyes shut at. As soon as the music changes key, you are happily soaring over Disneyland’s Main Street next.

Maelstrom– the strobe light while you are climbing is very hard on the eyes, and anyone prone to migraines and seizures should take heed on this one.

Universe of Energy– the fast camera action on the movie after you ride through the Dinosaurs. Anything to do with that shaky film feel makes me want to hurl.

Most of the films shown in World Showcase are in first person, so if they are at all fast or speed up, it’s another tigger.

Hollywood Studios

Star Tours– They DO have air condition turned up on this ride now, but with the 3-D glasses and the sudden jerky movements, it takes a GREAT day for me to get on this anymore. The light speed I can no longer even glance at anymore.

Great Movie Ride– The ending after the movie clips, they take you over the Hollywood sign, but the feeling that you are actually flying over it makes me sick. Also the strobe lights in the “Alien” section are VERY hard to look at without getting a headache.

Tower of Terror– I loved the drops, but my stomach wasn’t a fan of being pushed back up.

Magic Kingdom

Philharmagic– When Donald is on the flying carpet and falling through Agrabah. Going upside down and the fast feel just makes me close my eyes every time when it comes up.

Tea Cups– Spinning, I just avoid them most of the time.

Animal Kingdom

Dinosaur– I don’t actually ever get sick on this ride, but I know of loved ones who can’t handle the flashing lights as we go up the incline.

Again, these are from my experiences and are MY opinion.  I have rode these so many times that I know when to shut my eyes and when to open them again.  These are just a warning that if you are sensitive to light, drops, and get easily motion sickness, to be ready for these Attractions.


  1. thank you! I plan to send this to a friend who is making her first family trip this month, and was asking what she might have a hard time to stomach…IMAX gets her, and I metioned some of these attractions….I get a little sick feeling on Everest when the car pulls you back and up…..still have fun, and always plan to ride it last 🙂 just in case!


  2. Those tea cups! That is pretty much the only ride I get sick on. Last time I did, I had to sit down for 10 min until the dizziness and nausea subsided lol


  3. I can relate to some of those rides. A lot of rides I just avoid all together. I don’t like anything that spins and the virtual stuff gives me vertigo. I also do not go on roller coasters. It baffles my wife I don’t go on a lot of rides because I have a pilot license. I’m just very sensitive to motion.


  4. I don’t generally have any issues on any rides at all – but when it comes to the L.A. scene on Soarin’ I have to close my eyes as well. It makes me so nauseated and gives me a headache. So, I totally understand how you feel about that part.


  5. I have the same feeling on Soarin’, but I manage to get through it without closing my eyes. One year we went on Star Tours and then immediately went on the Toy Story ride…I do not recommend this…I felt sick for the rest of the day. Toy Story is a great ride, but with all of the jerky motions and quick turns…I felt nasty for a very long time.


  6. At 53 I am ok with all the Disney attractions well except for the Teacups if I am not in control…so far. The last seat on Space Mtn hurt my bones some but I didn’t feel sick. But Busch Gardens a few years ago. No way. Rides I used to love I screamed like someone was murdering me. Never again.


  7. I have issues with “takeoff” on Soarin, that is when I have to close my eyes! Space & Splash Mountain also lead to panic attacks so I avoid those at all costs. Haven’t had a chance to ride the new Star Tours yet, hope I don’t have to give that up!


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