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Renewing Your FL License Plates

In the time we have lived here, we have bought two FL license plates.  One was for our car we wound up trading in, and the other for our current car. Because of a miscommunication, we had gotten a brand new one for the car we had bought, instead of being able to just use the first plate we got months before.  After paying $400 the first time, paying it a second time was a big OUCH.

Because the first plate wasn’t “active”- meaning registered with a current vehicle, I did not recieve a renewal notice fot it. But the second license plate we DID get a renewal notice for and was given the opportunity to pay online, send it in, or do it in person.

To save time, we did it online. It was easy, simple, and was given an email that they had recieved it and I would see my stickers within 7 days.

I was then of course shocked to see that several days later it was “rejected.” Yes, rejected. Money was there, but they said they didn’t have proof of my Insurance. In the great State of FL, you HAVE to carry car insurance. Which we had, it just wasn’t registered with them for renewing online.  The headache with this was that it took them a week to return the funds to my account, so we had agreed in that moment we would do it in person to make sure it went through ok.

For the purposes of renewing online, the DMV has to have your proof of Insurance on file. Insurance companies DO NOT have to provide said information for this, but we did call ours and they contacted the DMV in a matter of 24 hours to clear up the problem. If your Insurance won’t provide it to the DMV, you simply have to take your policy into your local office and do it manually.

Personally, I encourage every new Floridian to renew the FIRST time in person. You are provided with the peace of mind that you are not only good to go, but you have your stickers in hand when you leave as well. Because we had our Insurance company already contact the DMV for said proof, we did not need it when picking up the stickers today.  I hope this helps someone out, have a great day!

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  1. I believe you can turn in the plates you are not using and get a refund… but not sure. I know that they stay with you and not the car. Thankfully when I bought my new car the DMV had on file that I already had a plate and I got the refund from the dealer.


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