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Making Your Own Treat at Goofy’s Candy Company

If you haven’t been to Goofys Candy Company, you are missing out! Remember the movie “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?” Ok, the old one, not the tripped out Johnny Depp one (altho that one makes me crack up). Anyways, my favorite scene has always been him dancing and singing among the candy, especially when he eats the tea cup at the end of his song. Now altho there are no tea cups to eat here, there are PLENTY of sugary offerings to tickle your tastebuds.

Can you believe my girls had never made a treat here yet? I know, bad mom! Funny thing is is that I myself had just made my own when my friend Shari was visiting. I had no idea how much fun it was, so when our family was walking by this past weekend, I asked the kids if they were game. Em was too full from Earls, but Kyra was all for it.

When you walk in, there is a slushy area, but towards the middle of the store is a large counter. Past the diabetic coma area, you will find an area where there are slips of paper and pencils. Here is where you get to order! You get to choose WHAT you want made, like a Rice Krispie Mickey or a candy apple. Next you get to choose what chocolate it is dipped in- Kyra chose white. After that they then drown it, and I mean fully immerse it into the candy or nut of your choice. Kyra chose oreo crumblings, and they put all the way in and left it. After it is done “sitting” they drizzle it with ANOTHER chocolate of your choice, then put it in the fridge to let it harden.

The entire process takes about 15 minutes, depending how busy they are. On our Saturday afternoon, we were in and out.  They will package it as you need, some want to eat it and others wants to take it with. We were taking Kyra’s home, so we asked for the cute red Mickey box.

The cost for the Rice Krispie Treat was $4.99 with tax, but as an Annual Passholder, Premium in fact, I got 20% off it, so it was a little around $4. Now I dont know about you, but the Disney items that you can get under $5, including snacks, aren’t that plentiful, so I feel this is a real deal. Hope you all get to try it out, enjoy the treat!


  1. I absdolutely love the smell of that place when you walk in a “created” my own pretzel stick one year yum yum yummy !! I also took a picture of the goofy muriel made of jelly beans !! Thanks for the memory flash back ! 🙂


  2. We will have to try this for sure!! Do you happen to know if you can use a snack credit for this under the Quick Service Dining Plan? Also, do you save 20% off if you have are a regular annual passholder, or is that 20% off for the premium annual passholder only?


  3. YUM! That’s something we have never done, either! And, seeing as how both my youngest son and myself are candy-holics, that is pretty amazing. My DH could do without it but he would still enjoy watching. I do believe we NEED to try this on our next vacation. Thanks for sharing, Amy and Kyra!


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