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Hoop Dee Doo Revue… Then and Now

I have been blessed with enjoying Hoop Dee Doo twice now, and I thought it would help my fellow readers to know my thoughts on it, for both occasions. So grab a seat and get ready to clap along!

The first time I had went to HDD was in 2008. Carl and I had scored free dining, so with Hubby on board with a free meal, we were in for the Hee-Haw type dinner.  It was our Anniversary trip, so we were up for trying anything new and since it was free, why not? It IS two dining credits, but I feel it is more than worth it.

I’m not sure if free dining always seats you upstairs, or if we had booked late, but we were seated upstairs, along with being told that when we booked.  The seating upstairs are all stools with high tables- and the ones lined up along the left and right side are only on one side.  The reason for that is so  the servers can have the free aisle to put the food on the tables, and the other side with the stools are for eating at the table then turning to look down on the show.

I wasn’t all that keen on being on a stool, only because it feels like you are at a diner, and not a relaxing meal.  Being on the second floor does provide a view of everything, but the actors move around the bottom floor quite a bit and when they move “under” the second floor, you can’t see what is going on. Also you are lined up on the table in one row, so the family feel of everyone “gathered” around the table isn’t as strong.

The show was adorable, and the way they include everyone in it is super special. It was meant for families, and I feel that you could take an infant to Grandpa and they would both enjoy it!

The food, in my opinion, was really, really good. I am a meat and potatoes kind of girl, so mashed potatoes, fried chicken, bbq ribs, and corn on the cob was my kind of meal. It was like being on a picnic, and I felt that they themed the food well with the feel of the dinner.  It is all you can eat, along with your drink.  My Coke was refilled constantly, and I think Craig and I finished off two buckets of chicken. In other words, bring your appetite to get your money’s worth! (It’s a pet peeve of mine, I can’t go to any Disney dinner and NOT eat enough to justify the high costs).

Fast forward to this past 2012 summer where I was blessed with the opportunity to go with Monica. We had never officially met before, and it was a perfect venue to meet this wonderful gal.  We got our photopass pic taken, then gabbed away while we waited to head in. First in the Hall, we were so hungry that it took talking to keep our mind of our rumbling stomachs.  This time I was seated at the center of the top tier, basically right behind the lighting guy and in front of the sound board.  Again, not bad seating, because you can see everything on stage, but anything below us or under the left and right side we couldn’t catch.

Our server was great, but the food this time was a tad different. The corn came as pieces, not the corn on the cob I so dearly loved. Also the strawberry shortcake seemed different too. Now I assume that Disney uses the same Coke all over Property, but my Coke tasted nasty. I did tell him, but the refill tasted the same, like tires had been soaking in the Coke.  So just a heads up on those small things.

I enjoyed the show, thought it was the same one I had seen in 2008, and loved it more because I got to hang out with Monica and have some fellowship time. I tell you NOTHING is cooler than hanging out with not only a Disney fan, but one who is also a Christian and understands your beliefs.  I could have talked to her until the sun came up, but after a few walks around Fort Wilderness, we called it a night.

I feel that Hoop Dee Doo is definitely a quality show with great food. The first floor has tables and chairs, not the stools, so I’m thinking it’s more of a family feel BUT you are all on the same level, so I’m not sure how the view down there. I heard from others that if you are seat on the far right and left you can’t see the stage as well. So keep that in mind as well.  Enjoy the show, it’s a hoot!


  1. I also noticed, too, that the food was different since the last time I went. Overall, the food was really good, but I do kinda miss the corn on the cob, but that corn bread was SOOO yummy!! Oh my! The salad was great too – heck all of it was good! LOL

    I liked our seats b/c we were able to see the show head on. I am sorry that the light and sound guy was right there… 😦

    Thank you for coming to this dinner show with me!! I have now a new sister in Christ and that means so much to me!

    PS. Keep in mind everyone – If you’ve never been before that there are 3 different tiers for seating and prices vary. There is a seating and price chart on the Disney website.


  2. I had the same complaint about the coke the last time we were in WDW. I think because they may use coke syrup and carbonated water, OR there is something wrong with the soda fountain (which happened to us at work). My Coke at Liberty Tree Tavern was un-drinkable.


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