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New Popcorn Bucket at the Magic Kingdom

For the Fall Season, they are selling this awesome coffin popcorn bucket with Jack Skellington on it. JUST IN TIME as Jack and Sally themselves are coming to Downtown Disney this next coming weekend to kick of the Disney movie “Frankenweenie.”  Enjoy the new popcorn bucket and maybe I will see you at the Character Meet N’ Greet!

Check out all the details HERE for the Frankenweenie weekend!


  1. My brother-in-law use to work at the plant that made ALL the popcorn buckets and mugs….I knew this was coming in July, BUT obviously did not want to break the secret….you should see the GORGEOUS Halloween mug that’s coming!!! (Mickey and Minnie with the Haunted Mansion dancing ghosts-it’s tie-died purple with silver glitter!!!)

    I, of course, already have this AND the others…..sadly, he left the plant end of August. I BEGGED him to keep me stocked. 😦


  2. They had these (it might have been a little different but basically the same) last year in Disneyland at the French Quarter and where serving a sandwich in them. They are very cute and a good container to put your double point knitting needles after you get home :O)



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