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She Bang, She Bang

Now and then I get to tell my amazing tales of being in Disney World for celebrations, like birthdays. My good friend, Shelley, was celebrating hers in the Magic Kingdom and invited her buds to join her in her first FL local birthday partay.  So I thought I would highlight the fun, enjoy!

There is certainly one thing to celebrate your birthday on vacations, but when you are a FL local, you get to take your time on whatever you want to do in the Parks. There Is no rush, there is no hurry- just good times for all.

Once we had her birthday button secured into place, we rounded Main Street USA to find the fire truck out and parked. I asked the Chief if Shelley could get her pic taken in it, which he said “Why don’t you both get in for a ride?” Of course! So we did a loop and we loved every minute of it!

After our magical moment, we headed to the Rose Garden where we met up with Beatrice, Erika, and Jeff.  While we waited for Jason to come in, we encouraged the birthday girl to live it up and shake her groove thing with the parade folks- which she did with Beatrice! (You haven’t lived until you have shaken your tail feathers on Main Street).

Dying of thirst, after all this is Florida, we headed into Cosmic Rays for some liquid refreshments and a sit. We chatted, we laughed- it was awesome.  Soon Jason and Wendy both had joined us and we decided it was time to get our “ARRRRRR” on and headed to Pirates of the Caribbean.

After a talk of “Mermaids” joining the POTC crew soon, we then fastpassed Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. It had a side down, so standby was 120 minutes! No thanks, so we took a train ride to pass the time until our fastpass was up.  I have to say that riding Big Thunder Railroad with this group was SO MUCH FUN!! I also got the honor of sitting with the birthday girl, which by the way, she was sexing up quite the adorable tiara for her day!

After free waters all around at Columbia Harbor House,  another friend, Heather, had joined us, it was time to visit the Haunted Mansion. We were on a Jack and Sally hunt, and it was cool to see where all the references to the “Nightmare Before Christmas.”

After a group Castle picture, we headed out to Shelley’s home to start the party portion of the day. What can you say about what we did? It was epic. It was brilliant. It was Disney goodness found in friends that I never thought I would have.

We made food, then hung out in her hot tub. Marisol and her darling girls joined us too! All of us chatting away, just FL locals chilling out at a birthday party- it was just so cool.  But the fun, the laughing, would come with the Dance, Dance Revolution. People I cannot describe how hard we laughed- my sides hurt still today from laughing, and my arms and legs from the dancing. Again, it was EPIC! We danced too “This is Halloween” and I cannot tell you how great it was dancing with Wendy and Jeff- oh good times.  Karoke rounded off our evening, which we each sang a song!  But our characters on the American Idol game were in cat and shark costumes, which I bet Wendy is still laughing about right now. Also a HUGE honorable mention to Jeff for his smooth rendition of “She Bang, She Bang“- William Hung would be so proud!

It was such a great day, full of Disney goodness, celebration, but more importantly, fellowship and friendship. I got to get closer to those who I already loved, but spending that time together and enjoying Shelley on her day was just something special.  So here is to you, my close circle of friends- I love each and every one of you, and I thank you for your friendship. God bless you day!


  1. Fantastic recap Amy! I am still laughing about the cat and shark costume selections in Karaoke Revolution too 😀 I can’t wipe the smile off my face today (probably because I am still wearing my tiara – someone is going to have to pry this thing from my cold dead fingers) it was such a blast and was one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had! Love you!!


  2. Wow what an amazing day! Question are the mermaids in the water and are they ugly and animated? Question 2 , how does one go about getting free water at Columbia House?


  3. Happy Birthday Shelley!!!! I’m glad you guys had such a great time celebrating such a special day. Amy, I’m glad you have found such a good group of friends.


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