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All the Rest of Epcot’s 30th Weekend

You know, I really do like to be busy. Having a purpose makes me feel great, and it was a lot of fun running around all weekend. I blogged separately about the Mom’s Panel Luncheon and the D23 Celebration, but I wanted to touch on a few of the other fun things I got to enjoy.

After the Mom’s Panel Meet, it was a mad dash to get to the WDW Radio Meet in front of the American Adventure inside Epcot.  I was super excited to see old and new friends, plus my Disney daughter was patiently waiting for a hug.

She was my first gal to see, then my family who were trying not to sweat to death (like all of us), then many friends after that.  It was such a great time of fellowship, hugs, and even had some surprises too. All in all, great Meet as usually.

It was then time to head on over to the Disney Divas Meet. I was VERY excited about this one because I had gotten to know these gals over time when they invited me to be a part of their group.  I had JUST gotten inside the Drawing Room at the Beach Club when they were giving away raffle prizes.  I had met Krista at Lou’s Meet, so my friend Jason, her and I walked over together. We all got raffle tickets and quietly sat down.   Sure enough, wouldn’t you know my ticket was the first to be called? I think I turned 4 shades of red I was so excited and embarrassed I had gotten there late. I won a shirt I wasn’t able to get in the first place, so it was really meant to be.

I want to say something on a personal note about ALL of the Disney Diva group- they are incredible. They not only made me feel loved, but INCLUDED. Sometimes that can be hard for any group to do because you get comfortable with your close friends, but they made me feel like part of a family of sisters. So THANK YOU to all of you who made me an official “Disney Diva” – cannot wait to see you again for the Princess Marathon weekend!

I had bought the Epcot 30th Merchandise on Friday, which seemed to sell out quickly, but I wasn’t prepared for what I saw on Monday, the 1st. Craig was in early, 6:30 a.m., to see what they were going to do for the opening. We really had no interest in the pins, except for the “I was there” one.  Craig said the line was INSANE.  Thanks to a friend, we got a pin from someone who bought extras.

I was fortunate enough to walk in after 10, grab buttons and maps, then I walked right into Mousegears by the Mickey ears area and pick up my Burgundy T-Shirt. I wanted something with the date on it, and there it was. So I felt blessed that Craig got the shirt he wanted on Friday and I lucked out getting on that day.  Now they had the shirts left from the 30th Merch area handing with these as well, so it must have been what was left. The shirts lined up the boundary into the rest of the store, so no one could get through that way.  Only fair, as I know many of you waited for hours for your merchandise. But I have to say I was THRILLED to get my shirt and not have to wait- apparently there were available on Sunday, but I had been in D23 all day so I didn’t have a clue about it.

Craig headed to all the presentations, and I decided to ride “Living with the Land” and “Spaceship Earth” (with Libby and Tony!) as my silent nod to the celebration of the day. Yes, everything and everywhere was busy. But the excitement was electric! People had their buttons on, T-Shirts, and medals from the Tower of Terror run. (Congrats to ALL who ran- especially proud of my girls Shelley Benhoff and Wendy Pugh Hummel!!!)

Because family and life responsibilities come first, I was in charge of taking the girls to school back and forth, dinner, the house, etc.. for the day- it was Craig’s day!  He enjoyed everything and said the finale fireworks were amazing! He did record them which I have will eventually put on our You Tube Channel for everyone else who did not get to enjoy them- or those of you who would like to relive the memories.

It was a fantastic day, weekend, time,  and memory.  Thanks to everyone at  Disney who made the events so wonderful, and to all my wonderful friends, reader, and fans who stopped to say hello to me and made me feel so special for the short time I was able to come in and hang out. Have a great day!

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  1. Looks like it was a MAGICAL event! Wish I was there, but I am so thankful to experience it through your blog. Thanks for sharing. You do such a GREAT job…it makes me feel as though I was there.


  2. Loved meeting you, Amy, and your wonderful family! It was soo darn hot and humid, and I was melting. I kind of felt socially awkward at Lou’s meet because everyone seemed to know each other. It was a little better at the Divas Do because many of us were meeting for the first time and it was a smaller group. Please tell Jason I enjoyed meeting and talking to him, too!


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