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Fantasyland’s Big Top Open For Business

Walking back into Fantasyland on this beautiful Florida morning, I was thankful to be alive. After a wonderful breakfast, I was headed to see the new Big Top that recently opened this past weekend.   Coming from the area were shouts of “Popcorn” and “Cotton Candy”- nice touch Disney! Join me as we head to the Circus, Disney style!

The Cast Members were not only energetic, they were happy to be there. Excited, helpful- they were a joy to see. Above they trade pins with popcorn balls, not lanyards- SUPER CUTE idea!  I was very excited to walk into the tent and see the hanging trapeze ropes, the bright lights, and the printed carpets.  It felt fresh, clean, and very inviting.  I LOVED how they put the food in the middle of the tent, with the merchandise surrounding it. My only thought was this- are they not concerned that the child with the caramel apple all over their face and hands goes to touch all those beautiful clothes?   Maybe it will be a learning curve.

Not only can you get food in here, but you could grab a cookie while your ears are being personalized. They have an adorable spot near the “hippos” to get your ears done up while you eat, walk around, or visit one of the Characters.

Speaking of, you exit the side of the this tent to head over to Pete’s Tent to meet the gang. Here you can see Goofy, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy.  I LOVED their costumes, and I LOVED how they had the Characters all inside ONE tent. They had two lines, one for Goofy and Donald, and the other side for Daisy and Minnie.  What was so neat was that you could see all four Characters inside the tent, no matter which side you were on.  Great props with each of them- but the lighting was very blue with Donald. Photopass was present for each picture and were happy to take my picture with my IPhone. After you see two of the Characters, you exit into the Big Top. Now, if you want to see all four Characters, you have to get back in line on the other side.  There is no way of leaving the first line and flow into the second- they have made it so you have to physically leave that area and come back around- so heads up on that.  Since this is new, I would say head back to this right away as the Park opens and you will be in and out in no time- It took me maybe 10 minutes on each side. Plus they DO have a waiting time sign for each side.

The other tent outside had the fastpass machines for the Great Goofini and Dumbo.  It also is a play area for kids, along with table and chairs right next to this area.  I can see grabbing a snack and someone watching their child play in the water area while they sit in this area.

Enjoy all of the pictures,  and thanks to Chrissy and Joe who I ran into and gave me a much needed smile for my day.


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