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Celebration’s Porch and Yard Sale

Thanks to a blog reader, I was informed of this awesome city-wide rummage sale in the heart of Central Florida.  Since I am in Celebration quite a bit already, it was a no brainer that I would not only go,  I would actually know WHERE I was going to look as well. Here’s what it was like, enjoy!

All of the information was located HERE on the City’s Website. It was great to be able to see the hours, the addresses, and they also provided a key with what each sale was generally selling. For example, if they were selling Disney they had the letter “D” after the address.  The sales were supposed to be from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.  but Belle and I arrived a little before 7:30 a.m. and there were hundreds of cars already.  Having been new to this area with sales, I wasn’t sure if they would let us shop early or not.  I did hear later that people were there looking with flashlights early in the morning- now there is guts.

The thing I love about city sales is that there is so much to look at it, but it’s almost a double-edged sword.  When there is one sale, you can rush up to it, look quick and drive to the next. When there are so many sales, you can’t get to them all first, or even within the first hour- so you know you can’t catch everything.

As we got out of the car, they were handing out FREE cloth shopping bags to people- cool! The first sale Belle and I hit she found the book “The Hobbit.”  It was also my first experience with how their pricing would be.  In Wisconsin, Disney items aren’t sold very high because we weren’t anywhere near Florida.  But here, 5 miles from the Happiest Place on Earth, it would be the residents of Celebration to make a pretty penny on anything Disney.  I found a brand new Disney frame, but she wanted $8.00 for it. Now, if you are on vacation and want a frame for your trip, it’s a steal! But this gal was looking for BARGAINS and nothing else.  Basically that first sale set the pace of pricing the rest of our time in Celebration.

After we parked a second time, we strolled among the beautiful homes and their wares all over their wet lawns. Yes, these people who pay A LOT to live here, had blankets on the wet ground where they laid out some very nice stuff. Sorry, but if you have the means, invest in renting a couple of tables- no one likes to bend over on the ground, and people do not want to step on the blanket your stuff is on to pick it up and look at it. Also in this area we bought a couple of sodas… $1 each – at a YARD sale- ridiculous.  If I didn’t need the caffeine so bad I wouldn’t have bothered.  You started to get the feeling that these people had NO CLUE what a bargain was- MANY items were way overpriced.

So we walked- all over. Downtown, past the Pumpkin patch and Church, and near the School.  My favorite sale was the ALL DISNEY sale. Yes, you heard me Disney friends, ALL DISNEY.  When I walked up to it I almost passed out from delight- I would have bought it all if I had enough cash.  I bought a brown Mickey purse for $3 (BRAND NEW),  a theme park shower curtain for $1.00, Minnie keychain for .25, Mickey book keychain for .25, Mickey desk lamp (PERFECT for this blogger) for $5.00, an old coffee can with Epcot on it for .75, Epcot World Showcase bandana for .50, Mickey Napkin holder for .75, Mickey Halloween garland for .25, Mickey beaded coin purse for .50, Disney theme park Christmas tags for .50, Animal Kingdom note cube for .25, Goofy Sandwich Press for .10, Shake it Up Disney Bus Sign for $2 and a couple of Christmas Ornaments for $1.  The lady had SO MUCH STUFF!  She was really nice to me and I was VERY happy leaving that sale.

By 10:30 a.m..  we needed a restroom and a break.  We drank another soda and used the restroom at the Market Street Café.  It was almost creepy how quiet the downtown area was- everyone was shopping in the neighborhoods.  We walked some more, saw the Pirate Ship themed home for Halloween all decked out, and then headed back to the car.

It was getting hot, humid, and we were almost out of cash to play with. So we opted to head home and move forward with the day.  It was EVERYTHING I hoped for when I used to wonder what they sold at yard sales in Florida- all the Disney stuff I could handle.  I thought of ALL of you as I scooped items up, knowing you would have all been drooling like me too.  I would encourage you all to try and head over to this next year- it was worth the early morning!

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  1. The Porch and Yard sale is lots of fun! I lived in Celebration for a bit and was lucky enough to experience one of these. They actually do this twice a year, first Saturday in October and then again in March. It gets much more hectic as the day goes on, so early morning is the perfect time to go. I caffeinated at 7-11 before I started 🙂

    And the Pirate House is actually only partially finished! They add a LOT more on top, and then on Halloween have all kinds of effects (smoke, music, etc.) — it is quite a sight!


  2. Ooh, wish I had known about this! Will definitely keep an eye out for the one in March! We just relocated to the area this summer and I am overwhelmed by how wonderful all the thrift shops and goodwills are, now I need to fill my need for yard sales! Thanks for the heads up!


  3. Sounds like my kind of yard sale. Its amazing sometimes what people price their stuff at. I see that up here everyone in a while. You can usually tell by the price of an item that either A- they want to make a buck, B- they priced it to high because in all reality they dont want to get rid of it or C- the price is so low you know that they just want to get it out of their house. Love when I go out to yard sales and even thrift stores and find neat Disney items.


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