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“Wreck-It Ralph” Blogger Event

I have learned that if you want to be in the “know” on what is going on with Disney, you have to be active on every means of Social Media possible. Because I have gotten better at this, I was able to get into this event by signing up via email.  Disney Parks Blog announced this “Wreck-It Ralph” blogger meet-up, and thanks to Leah, I was on my phone- tapping the email away to get in. Here is how the event went, and what my opinion was on the movie. Enjoy!

Like I said, you have to jump on these things or you miss the boat.  I was happy that after emailing my request in, I got a confirmation in several hours later.  I texted all of my friends to not only know about it, but join me and my family. We were allowed to bring up to three guests with each registration, and thankfully we were able to get our friends in. I wore my brand new “Wreck-It Ralph” TShirt, and got a free vinylmation from the Disney people at the Event for doing so.

We were there at opening of check-in at 8:15 a.m. this morning, which I was surprised to see a line formed already.  We got in line right away, and got our friend in line with us to since she was in our party.   I wasn’t aware they would put us all into three groups, for three different movie screens.  So our group was on Team Ralph, then there was Team Felix and then Team Vanellope (the ADORABLE little girl in the movie- reminded me of a fiesty Boo).

Once we were checked in officially, we got a free tattoo and free medal, then boarded the elevator inside Disney Quest. After we stepped off the elevator, we had a photo opportunity with a Ralph statuette.  He was VERY cool, but for this event, it would have been nice to have met the real deal.

After that, it was game on. Basically 2 hours to play inside Disney Quest for free. Now, most of us are AP holders who can do this ANY time, but it was still very cool to try out the “Fix-It Felix” game!   They offered cupcakes for the event, for a price, upstairs in the Café area, but because it was early, we were hoping for more breakfast items. Before heading out to find something to eat for breakfast, we enjoyed “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Jungle Cruise” and many more games with our group of friends. Carl RULES on the TRON machine, whereas I love my PENGO and Skee Ball.

After the nice break, and the weather was GORGEOUS today, we started to get in line for the movie. We were instructed to wait in front of DisneyQuest for our allotted time (11:00) and then walk over to AMC. Well, we did this, and they were just telling us to head to AMC. BUT there was supposed to be free popcorn and soda- so where did we get it? If you left early, like we had, you wouldn’t have had a clue. Carl then saw people walking out with bottles of soda and popcorn, so we asked and sure enough, they were handing them out as you left Disney Quest!  So we hopped back in and grabbed ours then got in line at AMC.

Security was tight, absolutely NO cell phones or cameras allowed. Remember, this movie doesn’t get officially released until November 2nd.  We stored our back in the car before heading to the movie, I was just too scared to hand over my phone in the chance it would get lost.  They then checked our bags, purses, etc… then they used the hand held wand to scan over our bodies to make sure we didn’t bring anything in.  Yes, it was secure.

We found great seats on the second row in the balcony area, and we were SO excited!  Wendy and Krista joined us and then we got a HUGE surprise! RALPH HIMSELF came into our theater and walked around- and NO ONE had their phone to get a picture of it. Want to see something funny? Throw hundreds of bloggers together, without their lifelines, and it sets up for a pretty interesting scene.

After Ralph left, the movie started and we LOVED “Paper Man” which was the short.  I’m not going to give it away, but I have to say the elegance of the animation with the simple and sweet storyline was simply sublime.

Then there was “Wreck-It Ralph”- every Disney and Gamers fantasy.  I don’t want to give anything away but to give my opinion. I LOVED the storyline and the HEART that they put into this.  It was excellent for little boys and girls, as it had the video games element along with the pink indulgence of sugary images.  I found it very funny and in this day where gaming is more popular than ever, I found it very relevant with a side of retro.   It was like living my childhood again as I saw characters from “Burger Time”, “Qbert”, and “Dig Dug.”  The movie didn’t make me cry, but I did tear up.  I feel it is great for all ages, and a sure winner for families to see together.

I would HIGHLY recommend you to see this movie with your loved ones, and then check out the fun Disney merchandise that is now available in World of Disney, Disney Store online, and Toys R’ Us Stores. Ralph makes a home at Disney’s Hollywood Studios this week, and I am looking forward to meeting him with my medal on for a big hug.  If you walk away from this movie being happy for who you are, you have truly gotten their point. Thanks again to the Disney Parks Blog for inviting us, it was a great event and I had a blast!

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  1. Sooooo cool! What a great opportunity. I can’t imagine the level of anxiety when all the bloggers were caught without an option to take a photo. ;0)


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