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Fultons Crab House- A Review on our Dining Experience

I love crab legs- it’s probably in my top 5 favorite things to eat.  When Diane told me our crew would be dining at Fulton’s, I was excited.  Anything with “crab” in the restaurant name HAS to be good, right? Well, let’s talk about that and more in this review of our dining experience at Fulton’s Crab House.

Let’s start with the facts. We ate there last night, a Monday evening at 5:10 pm, on October 29th, 2012. We were a party of 8, of which we had three people with wheels- 2 scooters and 1 wheelchair.

We got there are on time, and they told us we would be dining on the second floor. Ok, begin rant. First off,  MOST  people have ZERO clue on where to go when it comes to finding the handicapped entrances/exits and elevators.  The hostess SHOULD have guided us to the elevator and explained that we would have to transport only one “wheels” at a time.  She didn’t, she just walked upstairs. I had NO clue where I was wheeling my friend Al too, so I just walked down the hallway until I found it.  Here’s the other kicker, the tables there are smashed up against the window, so the only room for waiters to move is on the one side- the ONE and ONLY side people have to not only walk in, but also wheelchairs and such. There was NO ROOM to even GET to the elevator.  Once we actually GOT to the elevator, a waiter had blocked the entrance with a tray full of a table’s cooked and ready food. WHY would you leave that out in the open? Anyone can come by and sneeze on it, knock it over, etc- not bright at all.

The elevator- I believe I have a shoe closet that is bigger.  VERY old and I could barely get Al and myself in it- not the best feeling to be in the older ones either.  By the time we got to the 2nd floor, still no one around to guide us to where our table even was. You exit off of it right onto the floor of more tables and no space to move.  They sit our party of 8, again THREE of which are in wheels for their mobility issues for a REASON, in an elevated area WITH STAIRS.  No ramp, nothing.  So I had to move Al from his wheelchair in the walkway of waiters trying to do their jobs and it was in a corner where the register was, so it was just chaotic.  Storing the wheels? Ah yes, the ever smart “Put it outside on the balcony.” Yes, so I had to get the wheelchair out there first, then each scooter, which BARELY fit through the door frame, had to park one after the other.  All I could think was that I HOPED it wouldn’t rain on the “wheels.”

After that debacle of trying to actually GET to our table, they tucked us into a corner so that when those who have a hard time moving needed to use a restroom, they had to go all the way around too find it- on top of going up and down the stairs as well.

Our waitress was nice, but she either was overwhelmed or was just having a bad night- just not on her game. We ordered our food, and it took about 20 minutes for it to come out.  Now, I understand that we are a party of 8, but our food came out COLD.  I had ordered snow crab legs, steamed, and normally at other places, they come out nice and hot- mine were lukewarm to cold.  Diane ordered stuffed Lobster, along with her husband, and both of their stuffing in the Lobster was lukewarm to cold- so much that Shawn did in fact send it back for a fresh one.  Now, I get it, they have to bring out 8 dishes at once, so maybe someone’s had to wait while the others were made- BUT- for what you have to pay for – that food better not only be hot, but amazingly delicious!  (Neither happened)

The Snow Crab Legs were $31 and came with three red potatoes on the side.  For what you get, the price is WAAAAYYYY too steep! The crab legs weren’t bad, it was crab, but because of their temperature it became just food that I was hungry for.  I get way more for my money at Red Lobster or Joe’s Crab Shack- at both of those Restaurants you get several legs- at Fulton’s I got about 6 total.  At Red Lobster you get salad, biscuits, then usually a nice huge baked potato with your crab legs- I was put off that they gave me a measly three red SMALL potatoes- no other option even available for your side dish.  I also love how when you have crab legs that the wait staff checks on the amount of butter you have left, or if you need another one that is warmer since they cool off during your dinner. She never asked me and I eventually ran out. During the course of our meal, which from drinks to deserts took 2 hours, my soda was never refilled- nor was anyone’s waters after we initially got them in the beginning.  Not impressed.

Now, I know you are saying “But it’s in Downtown Disney.” Yep, it is, but it is NOOOOO Disney Restaurant. It is privately owned, just on Disney property- like Rainforest and T-Rex.  And unfortunately the vibe given off was exactly opposite Disney- I felt the service was terrible and I was so turned off by the cold food and lack of accommodations for handicapped that I would NEVER recommend this Restaurant to anyone.  When I think of dining in Disney World, I think of excellent food and food that I want to just “wow” me while I am on vacation- this doesn’t come close.

It takes TWO Disney dining table service credits- NOT WORTH IT!!! California Grill, Hoop Dee Doo (SO MANY OTHERS)- these are Disney dining places that are WORTH the two credits because you get a show with your meal, or the ambience, or a phenomenal view, or just EXCELLENT food.  Unless you are at a window, you don’t have much of a view on Fulton’s.  I also could NOT figure out why they couldn’t seat us on the FIRST floor- were there no large tables? And if there aren’t – then they should make room for some.  Carting people in wheelchairs and scooters upstairs is just ridiculous and stupid when you have a first floor for dining.

But the nail in the coffin had to be that while I was trying to figure out how to get the wheelchair around the scooters on the outside balcony, two Fulton employees who could SEE me struggling with it just stared at me while they smoked. No “Can we help you?” or just come and help me period.  Between that and when I finally got Al back to the old elevator, a waiter had food folding tables blocking it with nothing on them. I waited while he moved them, said nothing but smiled to him- he grumbled under his breath while he moved them that SOMEHOW Al and his wheelchair were such a HUGE inconvience to them. Really?!?  Seriously this company should be ashamed of employees that act like this.

I am sure MANY of you have had different experiences there, and again, this is my opinion only. But for how many Disney dining places there are, and how many of them are way more accommodating to those who are in “wheels,” along with the fact that the service was terrible and the food was cold- I would say dine somewhere else, anywhere else.  I graded it a C+ on Facebook, and that was being generous. After truly giving it some thought, I would give it an easy D.


  1. only been there once and thought it was decent food I too found the staff to be not very concerned with what what going on around them


  2. I tried it in January. Have wanted to for years… and was incredibly sad as well. My food was adequate, but far from worth the money. It lacked the ambiance that you would expect for a restaurant with those prices. I won’t make the mistake again until they have an overhaul.


  3. Thanks for an honest and frank review. Fulton’s used to be an exceptional restaurant but that all changed a few years back. I’m not sure if it was a change in ownership or a change in management, but things definitely went downhill. It used to be when you came in, you could see all the bills of lading posted for the fresh seafood brought in daily. The first time I noticed that had disappeared there were a lot of other changes which did not bode well. We started seeing farmed Atlantic salmon on the menu (I don’t know of any respectable fine dining restaurant that would do this). The service went downhill significantly. The overall food quality dropped off.
    I keep watching reviews of Fulton’s to see if there’s been any changes for the better. But the only good reviews I see are from the sites that never have a negative review about anything on Disney property. I attended a culinary demo with the new chef from Fulton’s at Food and Wine a couple of weeks ago, and I was reasonably impressed. But it sounds like the chef’s skills haven’t translated into a better experience at Fulton’s.


  4. I would write that company a very serious letter. That is offensive to handicapped people and completely unacceptable.


  5. I’m so sad to read this. I look at the paddle boat, and think what a wonderful, romantic, really awesome place it must be to eat in. I was looking at it as if it was a goal, and something to look forward to. I’m sad. What a disappointment to find out. I guess It’s good you gave such a truthful review, or I would have gone expecting so much (with my furtive imagination), and been let down. thank you.


  6. I agree 100% we ate there about 11 years ago and the food was phenominal and then we said let’s give a whirl – some place new for my group and yeah – been there done that ain’t going back. I feel a strongly worded letter coming 🙂


  7. I to have read bad reviews about this restaurant . My husband and I are heading back to Disney in July 2013 . He always wanted to eat there but now…I think we shoudl thinks twice before we pay money like that for bad service ! Hey I did the math its $5.16 a crab leg !! Seriously for that kind of money they should be on their game !


    • one more thing that plates “looked ” delicious but I think they could of spared you some more potatoes and veggies !


  8. I am sorry you had a rough time at Fulton’s. I totally understand the wheelchair issues. I spent alot of last year on crutches. Most Disney restaurants are better about ADA access than Fulton’s. Best to You!


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