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The Chocolate Experience at the Food & Wine Festival

Going on right now, the Food and Wine Festival is one of my favorite Disney events.  Not only do you get to taste great food and drink amazing wine, but you can also DRINK chocolate! Yes, I didn’t know that either until this past Monday. Stay thirsty my friends, and read on.

The Chocolate Experience is an exhibit in the old “Body Wars” building…now loving called the “Festival Center.” Here is where you can take classes, talk to professionals in the business, and check out the merchandise.  This year they had the Chocolate Experience where you can not only get your free piece of Ghiradelli chocolate, but you get a sample to drink as well! I tried it and it was like a thick hot chocolate, very good for a taste, but I couldn’t handle a glass.

But the coolest part is not only the smell of chocoalte in this area, and the endless kinds to buy, but they have the neatest exhibit where they made Disney scenes all out of…. you guessed it, chocolate!

Finding Nemo

Nightmare Before Christmas

Alice in Wonderland

The Yacht and Beach Club

Sorcerer Mickey

Cinderella’s Castle

Also in this area you can find the CHASE lounge that you can check out if you are a card carrying member. Free soda, a place to sit, no free food- but a place out of the park to chill if you need a break.

I thought this was a cool find that I hadn’t heard much about this year, so I wanted to share it will all of my readers. Now I’m hungry, have a great night!


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