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“Be Our Guest” Restaurant in Disney’s NEW Fantasyland

I wish I could say I have eaten there, but I have been lucky enough to grace it’s halls during a Cast Member preview last weekend (Thanks to Erika for inviting me to partake in this awesome event!!). All I can say is that it took my breath away!  The main ballroom was open, along with the East and West wings and ordering area.  Amazing architecture, effects, and colors- you truly feel you are inside the Beast’s Castle. If you moved all of the tables and chairs, you can almost close your eyes and see Beast and Belle dancing in the ballroom.

I walked in like a little child… giddy with delight at the sight of the snow falling outside. Do you know why they did that? Because Belle and the Beast fell in love during the Winter time.  I was in awe as I stepped into the Beast’s room- the darkness, the daunting melodic piano tunes playing over the howling wind, and THE ROSE. The symbol of the tale as old as time, and the cool effect of the last petal falling is simply beautiful.  I could have sat in this room all day, and I WANT the music they play in here.

The East Wing has a large giant music box with Beauty and the Beast on it, with giant pictures framed against all of the walls surrounding it from each of the movies. We were not allowed to step inside it, the carpet looked plush though and the room itself was bright and inviting.

Observations?  I listened to the knights that line the first hallway you walk into- they talk to each other, to the visitor, and they also snore. It was so awesome and I love how Disney adds that small but significant touch to their designs.   The chair pads were vinyl, but the backs of them WERE indeed fabric- my friends I were curious how they will wash up from children’s hands and such staining them.

I think it is an AMAZING Restaurant and I cannot wait for you all to see it in person. Enjoy these pictures until you can and have a great week.


  1. I dont know if I would be able to eat a meal there the first time, I would be to busy looking around to even think about eating. Disney has really captured the feel of the enchanted dining room. Thank you for sharing!


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