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A Review of the BRAND NEW “Be Our Guest” Restaurant

I have been blessed, and continue to be, by very good family members and friends.  One of my closest friends made reservations for our group to try out the newest Restaurant in Fantasyland “Be Our Guest.” Having watching this being built for the past year, it was incredibly exciting to know I would finally be seated inside the ballroom and dine among the falling snow. Here is my tale… so please take a seat, and be my guest.

Our reservation was for 6:30 p.m. on a Sunday evening, which was November 18th, 2012. Even though we were there early, they would not give us a “beeper” until 15 minutes prior to our reservation. If you have dined at Disney before, you know that you can walk up at any time to check in and they will take you when they are ready.  So if you think you can squeeze in much earlier, think again.  Now, I have to say waiting for our table was actually very cool because you can look around the bridge area, or around the edges.  With Beast’s Castle looming over head, how can you not get excited for what fairy tale dinner is to come?

We didn’t wait much past 6:30 p.m., and as the beeper lit up, we walked up to the open door area and a CM escorted us in to our table.  She did a wonderful job explaining the architecture, the story, and also stopping by the desert cart on the way in – SMART!   We were seated near the windows, where snow fell among the candle lit room- so beautiful.  I told my friends it is the ONLY kind of snow I like to see- the digital kind!

We were seated at a table of four with very comfortable chairs. The backs of them were made of cloth, but the seat part was vinyl.  I for see though kids with messy hands having a field day on the cloth, but I guess time will tell on that.  The spacing of tables was also VERY nice- you didn’t feel like you were right on top of others dining.

Our menus were brought, then our drink order was taken. She didn’t waste any time getting to our table after we sat down, and brought the drinks out quite quickly. I loved the menu, and honestly, I didn’t even blink at the wine list.  I know it has been a sore spot for some that they serve alcohol in the Park, but I can tell you from the experience I had, NO ONE was stumbling out of the Restaurant drunk.  I saw a few glasses of wine on a couple of tables, but I feel that with parents deal with ALL DAY in the Parks, that glass of wine is a feel of relaxation and peace for them and very much deserved.

I thought the menu had wonderful choices, and it was a nice variety of tastes.  Our party ordered steak, pork chops, and the French Onion soup.  No appetizers, but our main dishes came very quickly so we didn’t feel we missed out.  I loved how they brought it out, like an elegant dance to your table almost, and then the meal is put down in front of you like a work of art.

We all took pictures of each other’s food, then dove into the deliciousness. My pork chop came with season veggies and au gratin mac and cheese.  The mac and cheese tasted like cheesy hashbrown casserole, the veggies had a nice kick, and the pork was juicy and tender.  Wendy loved her French Onion soup and Jeff enjoyed his strip steak. Shelley had the pork also and very much enjoyed it.

Having seen the desert cart on the way in, we all knew they had us- we wanted to try! So we ordered the Lemon Meringue Cupcake, two Triple Chocolate Cupcakes, and the Cream Puff.  We also asked for the “Gray Stuff” because you can’t NOT go there and ask for it! You are supposed to be celebrating something to get it, we just told them it was Mickey’s Birthday and we wanted to try it out.

They brought out all of the deserts, along with the Grey Stuff, and we were like little kids in a candy store. We all sampled each others, and I did like the cream puff and triple chocolate cupcakes, but I felt like they were a bit on the heavy side. I enjoyed the lemon meringue cupcake because it was very light and fluffy.  And yes….the Gray Stuff was delicious!  I won’t spoil what it is, but I think everyone will enjoy it.

Our dining experience took about an hour, and it was worth every minute.  The prices were actually very reasonable- especially the strip steak. Now I know they serve filet mignon at Le Cellier in Epcot, but for what you get in the strip steak here at “Be Our Guest”- this is a much better deal.  Steak at Le Cellier costs around $43 and at “BOG” it costs $30.  With yummy sides along with the ambience of this place, I would definitely suggest this over Le Cellier (if you can get in). The pork chop was only around $15, and again, for the nice meal, seat, and ambience, it’s definitely a winner for the budget!

Overall, I would give the entire experience an “A.”  If you have booked a meal here, I truly feel you will not be disappointed.  Enjoy the falling snow, the amazing music, the delicious food and one of the most beloved Disney tales of all time.

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  1. I can’t wait to try lunch there in December! I wonder if we will be able to “Try the Grey Stuff” for a birthday celebration at lunch time?


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