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Keeping the Magic Fresh

Having now lived here for 18 months, (Yes, can you believe it?!?), I find that it gets a bit more challenging on keeping the magic fresh. So today I thought I would share with you how our family does it and maybe it will help all of my relocators out there do the same- enjoy!

How Many Times?

When you get to live your dream of being Mickey’s neighbor, it is almost overwhelming at first. Your vacation spot is now within reach, and I know that when we first got here, we went all the time.  You just can’t get enough of it- at first.  Do you know the reason why vacations are practically perfect for a week’s time? Because anything less isn’t long enough, and anything more is almost too much.  Now that being said, think about that when living here.  We were eating it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner- because, come on, who wouldn’t? If one of your reasons of moving here was to enjoy WDW anytime, of course you are going to go a bit crazy upon arrival.

But, as time moves on, you have to learn to balance it out with normal day to day life.  Because of this blog, it is always intertwined in what I have going on. But if you don’t have a direct affiliation, I think it is incredibly healthy and wise to distance yourself occasionally from it. Why? Well, it’s the age old “You don’t want to get sick of it.” Period.  If you take the time to make the trips in special, with a goal in mind, it won’t become this mundane place you just saw 6 times last week.  It hasn’t gotten old to me, it just very familiar now.  The butterflies I used to get in certain places have started to go away, and that’s my warning signal to back off for awhile and enjoy the rest of FL and say hi to Mickey again later.

Who are you enjoying the Magic with?

It ABSOLUTELY depends on who you are spending time with in the Parks whether you are feeling the magic or not anymore.  Case and point, when I go in for a Meet, doesn’t matter whose it is, I am going with the goal in mind to say hello to new and old friends and then usually head home.  It could be at one of the most beautiful Disney Resorts, but I’m not looking at it “with those eyes” anymore, I’m looking at it as a social opportunity. And honestly, because I started looking at it differently, I started backing off many of them because I felt I was losing the appreciation for everything.

But this past week, taking my Mom to Candlelight Processional and also the Osborne lights, it was like I had never been in those Parks before. Enjoying it with her, making those memories, watching her eyes tear up as we all sang “Silent Night” together- it was like I was reminded of the pixie dust that resides here.   Living here, being a FL local, then being a blogger in the Disney Community, it’s as though sometimes the magic is covered by this thick blanket of competition, and you can’t even see the sparkle anymore because you are to consumed with who likes and hates you from week to week.  The GLARING reminder my Lord and Savior whispered to me of how important my Mom is, my FAMILY is to me, just made me wake up to the realization of the TRUE reason of why I moved here- MY dream, OUR dream, and no one else’s.

Another example, I promised my hubby and kids I would ride the NEW Test Track with them for the first time.  I had done Fantasyland by myself the first time, and I hated it.  I kept turning to my sides to tell someone how excited I was, share my happiness, but no one was there.  I was thrilled to be able to be there on its first day open, but the cost was too great.  There was no hand in mine while I rode the Little Mermaid Attraction for the first time, there was no friend there sharing my happiness in Gaston’s Tavern, it was just me that morning.   That would have never happened if we were on vacation together- our foursome did it all.   But because I blog, because I chose to blog, I was losing a small part of that Disney magic I shared with my family- and I didn’t like it at all.

So we all walked up to Test Track together this past Saturday, just the four of us. No big press event, no concert, no friends, just my family- and I was overjoyed.  It was like we were on vacation, the ones who didn’t give a darn about Twitter or Facebook- we were there for us and only us.  It was so exciting riding it together, and having just dropped off Mom that morning, I needed it so badly.  So yeah, it is VERY important WHO you enjoy the magic with.

Be Selfish

I have eluded to it in the last section, but it is a crucial one. You keep the magic fresh by doing it for YOURSELF.  What I mean by that is something that I had to come to grips with personally- if you aren’t doing it for yourself, why are you doing it at all?  It’s a funny thing this “blog world.”  I started off writing because I wanted to share with the World my excitement that our family was going to achieve this huge dream.  We never asked for the fame, the popularity, or the drama that we found out later comes with the territory.  We were a simple family who had a dream, and we still can’t even believe it sometimes that we actually made it happen!  But when it starts to become work, when it starts to become something of a popularity contest, that’s when the magic starts to die off for me.

I want to go into the Magic Kingdom because I want to ride something, experience something, for myself, or with my family, but ultimately, it has to be what I want.  I get so caught up in who is going to be where, what event is going on, and how many things can I write about that I completely start to forget that amazing feeling I used to get when I stepped off the plane at MCO and would just be so excited to have that week of fun magic.  So I back off, I write when I want to write, and I am making my own Disney corner that- MY OWN.  If people want to follow me, so be it. If they like what I write, so be it. But I am SO OVER people getting upset with me because I didn’t say hello at a turnstile, or I didn’t “like” something on their FB page, or the bigger ones where I help someone out immensely and they turn around and slam me publicly on their own social medias.  It is truly amazing how in one breath I will be told that I inspired someone to move here and the next I am being slammed in text messages.  My point is that you have to want it all for YOU and YOUR FAMILY and forget the rest of the world that comes with it.  Be who YOU want to be here when you relocate, not the people you meet, not the things you see, be who you were before you ever got here and ALWAYS REMEMBER why you came in the first place.

Be Thankful

Having a dream is one thing, making it happen is clearly another. I am thankful EVERY DAY I live here.  I look around me and I can’t believe what a lovely home I have, the pool outside my living room, and the palm trees I drive by every day.

But what keeps me humble, and VERY thankful, are the opportunities that living here has brought.  Being happy for what God has given you DOES keep the magic fresh because if you are lucky enough, every time you go into the Parks you will find or see something different.  I haven’t eaten everywhere yet, done everything, and I am very happy I haven’t. I am thankful for the friends I have met, who show me things I never saw, and bless me with great times that I may have never had the opportunity to have had without them. I am SOOOO thankful for those who have loved me through all of this, it matters, and I do notice.

I move forward with keeping the magic as fresh as possible, making new friends, hanging out with old ones, but most importantly, enjoying it with my family.

God bless each of you and your day.

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  1. Well said Amy! Having been hear nearly a year myself (can you believe it???) I am starting to feel the need to distance myself and explore the rest of Florida. My hubby and I are planning a trip to Legoland very soon and we would also like to do the Kennedy Space Center and WWOHP. We love our Disney but there is SO much more to do in FL!! Thanks so much for writing this excellent perspective 🙂


  2. Well said Mrs Petermann, well said. You put your life out there to share and inspire but unfortunately people tend to take personally and make it all about them ( I call it the Tinkerbell effect – “its all about me!) You do what’s right for you and your family and if people get angry about it well they don’t need to be a part of your life. Love you girl and I thank God that you are part of my life now. Keep doing what you do!


  3. Great blog as usual. Im glad that you and your mom had a special time together while she was there. Your blog today was very insightful and full of wisdom. One word that stuck out with me is humble. I agree, Amy living where you do you have to remember that you are lucky and count your blessings and never take anything for granted. Bless you and your family this holiday season Amy, I hope that 2013 brings more joy and happiness!


  4. Thank you for your honesty in putting your heart out there…you are indeed a thoughtful and hard-working WI girl! God bless YOU.


  5. I know exactly what you mean! I just got back from my first trip, and I went with some wonderful people who are pros at getting around the parks without gettting stuck in long lines. I got to meet some of their wonderful local friends, and it was truly amazing seeing what made it so special for them. I can’t wait to go back!


  6. Wonderful post. You have to stay true to yourself. I look forward to many more posts from, Amy, the Relocated Tourist and the Petermann family enjoying their lives while living their dream. That is what you relocated for, not to satisfy other peoples egos or pettiness. Keep up the great work on the blog, but only as an avenue to share your life’s dream, not to let it consume your life.


  7. Very well said Amy, I just hope that I never made you feel bad or anything. I love reading your posts and hearing how you spend your days but I know how you feel when it becomes to much you have to back up and restart. I was there when I first moved here and found it very hard to say no to people but now after 7yrs I think I’m better and even working at disney I tend to loose the magic sometimes but just have to remember that it’s who and when you do it that makes it all come back. Please know that anytime you want a friend to share with I’m here anytime.


  8. Good post! You make some great points about ways to keep the magic fresh. As a tour guide, I am most often enjoying the parks with guests who have never been there. Seeing them enjoy it for the first time really keeps it fresh! I also hear what you are saying about going to the parks on your own. There are times when this is fun. You can go at your own pace, stop to take tons of pictures, etc. However, there are those time where it is nice to have someone with you. I also rode “Under the Sea” alone for the first time at one of the previews. Didn’t have quite the magic as if I was with family or friends. I was very happy to experience Test Track for the first time with my buddy. And it was actually cool that he’d been on it. He was able to point out a couple of things that I wouldn’t have noticed! Anyway… I said….good job on this article!


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