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My Review of the BRAND NEW “Test Track”

I am a GLORIFIED Ride Chicken, I wear that badge proudly because it is what it is. But years ago, my family convinced me to ride “Test Track” as they said “It wouldn’t be all that bad.”  Well, they were right and I have loved it since.  Funny enough, between that and Big Thunder, it’s the only major thrill rides I go on in WDW.  Since Big Thunder was also down back when, I was more than excited to have Test Track back in business.  Here’s my take on it, enjoy!


The details are as follows- we arrived at noon, this past Saturday, December 8th.  It officially opened December 6th, so we were riding it 2 days after it’s “Grand Opening.”  We were greeted with a 90 minute stand-by line- doable since that was all we came for.  And honestly, when it’s a new attraction, a long wait is a BLESSING because you get to look at everything while having the TIME to look at everything.  Fastpass is a glorious thing, but you rush by all the cool stuff, so enjoy the wait at least once.


First off, we walked up onto the sleek style of the new logo and look of the outside and I LOVED it!  It looked futuristic and I felt like it was something I would have seen in “Today Land” in “Meet the Robinsons.”  Our line started outside, so that tells you what a wait we had. But we were in the building in about 5 minutes and I was so happy to not hear the bang and clang of that area anymore.  Seriously, it used to give me headaches because of the loud noises that were produced from all the “tests” in the waiting area.

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Now we were on brand new carpet, no more vinyl floors, and being queued past sleek cars, digital images, and just sights to keep you excited before the big show.  Unfortunately the carpet didn’t stay brand new forever, as a girl behind us got sick right on it, and it stopped the line for awhile.


Do you remember the sound proof room you would walk through? Well you walk through that same room, redesigned, to show you how they can design a car.  Once you get through there, they have digital touch screens to try out shaping a car, basically your preview before you go into the design center.

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Now, we were a party of four and they didn’t ask us if we each wanted to design our own car, they just paired us up. So my suggestion to you is that if you want your own car to make, tell them you are a party of ONE for each of you in your group.  It was no big deal, we let the kids design them.  You are given a card on a string and then queued up on a number and a color.  Once they open the doors, you go to that designated number and color and then you have a designated time in which to make your car. Each step has a time limit which is on the screen.  Now, if you do it to fast, you stand around bored until the doors open for everyone in the room. So, TAKE YOUR TIME.  You can’t leave this area until the time allotted is counted down, so just relax and play!

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After this area, which I would say was a good 10 minutes, if not more, they open the doors and you fill this random waiting area with a ramp going up to the cars.  NO CAST MEMBER was standing here to corral the herd, so of course people were trying to stay in one line, instead of filling in all the space.  You know how you spill out of the stretching room in Haunted Mansion? This is how this area is.   Once the ramp empties, we all squeezed into it and then were led past some more digital images and then we were FINALLY in the loading area for the cars.  WE WERE PUMPED!


So, there is no pre-show anymore. The rooms are gone, and basically the stop you make is to make your car.  I will admit, I miss the show because I thought it was very fun to watch people’s reactions to the brake tests with the dummies. But, moving forward, we were IN LINE and ready to go!


Single rider line still exists, as does Fast Pass, which by the way was up to 7 p.m. when we walked up at Noon, so keep that in mind. (Remember that anything NEW will always be popular, long waits, and fast passes will always go quickly).


Kyra and I sat in front, Craig and Emily in the back, and then our random two strangers to complete our Test Track family that day.  We were BEYOND excited- and it was such a joy to see my family so happy for this.

I’ll keep the details of the ride itself quiet until you can all experience it, but I will add some points about it.  One, it is like you are in the game “TRON”- everything is lit up like a neon sign, but not too much like you are sitting on the Vegas strip.  I can get migraines easily, and this wasn’t a trigger at all.  Everything you remember of the old track still is there- and I mean every twist, turn, and brake.  But they reinvented them, and I have to say the start and the end of the ride were my favorite parts by far.

SPOILER ALERT*** I was surprised they left the Semi-Truck in the tunnel part, I was never a fan of this since it just seemed so abrupt.  Since this was more futuristic, why not another car, heck a Tron cycle even, coming at you instead?  Also I was THRILLED to see those hot, cold, and acid erosion rooms redesigned, but….. Disney needs some lasers in there, something other than a drive through.  Also they moved the ride camera to the track outside, so scream pretty!


Our total wait time was actually around 60 minutes total, not the 90 posted.  It is definitely something you have to give time too, and we were told that if you do the single rider line, you don’t get to design a car but can pick a pre-made one.  After you leave the ride, you can scan your card again to see how your car stood up to the track, and funny enough, Kyra’s car beat out Emily’s by only 2 points.  They have lots of new hands on activities to try, but we tried swiping our card at several areas and they didn’t work. I expect they are working out all the bugs, and hopefully will be in full swing in the next coming weeks and months.


I LOVE the new ride, as I wasn’t fond of the theme of the last one.  It was exciting, the music was cool, and it just had that “TRON” feeling that our family really enjoyed.  I haven’t rode it at night, but it would be cool if the track outside lit up more for the same feeling you get inside.  There is no longer a narration or tv to watch in your car, but I never cared because what surrounds you is just SO AWESOME!!


A side note- they shortened up the gift shop area tremendously.  Brand new shirts for the Attraction which I need to get my hands on, but limited to basically the automobile theme (which it should be). If you like the cars area with all the display models, they still have it there- of course new cars, trucks, etc.. and new scenes that display them.


Just a final note- if you didn’t like the feel of the ride before, again, it is the SAME TRACK. So if you didn’t like the braking, or the speed ups, or the ride around the building outside, then you won’t like this one.  Personally, I feel this one can be done by anyone, as it is just enough thrill but tame enough for everyone else to enjoy it.  I hope this helps all of you who are thinking or wanting to ride it. Have a great day!!


  1. Some helpful tips, I hope. 🙂
    Any size party can ask for multiple RFID cards. CMs will give each member of your party one if you ask for them. Each car is meant to have 6 different designs in the ‘contest’; which I thought was totally cool!
    I asked and a CM let me know that you actually need to hold your RFID card against the sensors for a few seconds, they don’t all work with just a swipe.
    You do get to design a car using Single Rider and Fast Pass, but not in as much detail as you do going through Standby.


  2. I love that you brought up TRON. I watched a video of the new Test Track and felt very much like it resonated with it…as though you were riding on the Grid.


  3. Before the shutdown we were hearing that the ride part was going away…so glad that is not the case. I was dubious about that rumor anyway as it was the foundation of the whole thing.


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