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Fast Pass Plus…Got to try it out!


I got the opportunity to try out the new Fast Pass Plus system, thanks to a Cast Member friend who signed me up.  They offered it to all Cast Members in which they could bring up to 4 guests, with them, to try out certain attractions in each Park.


Erica chose Disney’s Hollywood Studios, in which we chose Toy Story Mania, Great Movie Ride, and the Muppet Vision 3-D.  We each got a Fast Pass Plus card which had our name printed on the back.


We approached Toy Story Mania, and went to the Fast Pass line area.  We showed them our pass, and each of us had to swipe it over the Mickey circle emblem on the designated post.  As I passed it over, the Mickey lit up white, then turned green.  (I assume the green means I am good to go).  The CM standing near it made sure to walk us through it, and as our pass went over it, they said “Thank you (insert your name here).”   We did have to swipe our card twice. Once in front of the ride, then again before you get to the stairway.  Both times the Mickey went white then green.  Simple, easy enough to use.  It is used just like a normal fast pass, but I believe now you can choose your attractions and have it better planned out.


We also went on the Great Movie Ride and Muppetvision, and the same went for those as well. They had us swipe our card, and only once for both of these attractions. Great Movie Ride was nice as there was a huge line, and Muppets was right next the normal standby line.  They were only good for a one hour period, and they told you the exact hour you could use it for.


I can see how this will help those vacationing in the future, as you can plan out more around your reservations for meals and such.  You can still do things on the fly, but now you can have peace that you will ride Soarin, Toy Story, Test Track, etc… without having to run with the herd and stress about it.  I think it will be cool to see how it helps people, and as long as they allow the passholders and locals the same pass opportunities like now, I am one happy camper.

A shout out to my highest score on Toy Story Mania!!

010 009


  1. I have a question: how will guests get fast pass plus? Not sure if you covered that in a prior blog post – I just found your site.

    Great summary!


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