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Risk It or Regret It


Dreams are amazing things to have. Something inside of you says “I want to do this with every fiber of my being” and it sticks with you. But what makes the dream makers something special, those people who go for it, are the ones who asked themselves “Do I want to risk it or regret it?”

We were those people, sitting in Wisconsin, the year 2010, wondering if we could do it.  We had SO MUCH to risk. Let’s start with family.  Some say they will support you, others turn a cold shoulder, and some don’t seem to care either way. You start to wonder if risking family dynamics is going to be worth it.  I knew who would support us in the end, and who would be there when it would be convenient on their part, and a year and a half later, I have been proven right on all accounts.  If you are close with them now, then they will still be close with you in the future- at least they SHOULD be.  Family is about supporting one another, and when someone has a dream, the least you can do is support them on it- whether it is a failure or a success, it’s between them and God (and frankly no one else’s right to judge).

You risk the security you have built, wherever you lived or live currently.  You may not think it’s a big deal, but knowing where your grocery store is, the doctor, etc… is huge. It may be the home you have lived in all your life, or the job you have had forever. There is a huge comfort in the knowledge that everything you have come to know will always be there- but when you move, all of that is just a memory.  Sure the security can be built up again, it just takes time and a huge pile of patience.

You risk the friendships you have made. Will they be there a year, two years, ten years later? Or is life just that way, some make it and some just don’t.  After a year and a half of living here, I can say that two of my strongest friendships that I had in WI are still doing well.  It starts with you- you have to want to make it work.  Don’t count on the other person to do the calling, writing, emailing, texting, whatever.  Be proactive right out of the gate and you WILL make it with that friend, I can guarantee it!

You risk your children’s security. Now, that sounds so incredibly dramatic, but it is the truth.  Children love the every day, normal ins and outs of life- balance and schedule are not only healthy but vital when raising a child.  You have to know that your kids can handle it, and also to be strong enough to know that they may not be.  Now, some know this, and some have no clue.  I knew our girls could and would be ok, but it’s a tough one to REALLY understand until you actually take the plunge.  Jessie was the stronger one at first, and Belle struggled. Then they exchanged roles half way through their first year, then did it again months later.  Change may be scary to a child, but challenging them to persevere through a life change also helps them grow and prepare for what is coming in adulthood.  In the end, you know what they can handle.

But if you have a dream, any dream, and you are always wondering “What if?” and never take that chance, regret is a lonely city to live in.  What I have experience here since we moved 18 months ago, I can’t describe it without tearing up.

Don’t you ever wish you could peek into your future from time to time? To see what happens when you make that decision, to go for it?  I say this because I can’t even imagine BELIEVING the future I have had, if God had allowed me to look and see my family sitting around our pool, listening to Disney music, cooking out in December, and walking into Epcot after school.

I think we are all human to have regretted something from time to time, and I think we would all be lying to say “I regret nothing.”  But, I can’t IMAGINE having not taken the risk we did when we made the choice to follow our dreams to live here in FL.  Sure, I may have not known what I was missing if we had stayed living in WI, but looking back at what we have done and accomplished- it scares me to think “What if we never tried?”

So whatever it is that you dream of today, tomorrow, or yesterday- I want you to REALLY think about it. Will you regret that you never tried? Will you be happy you didn’t risk it to see what would happen? We are living proof that you just have to try, and whatever comes of it, we know we did that… risk it or regret it.  What will your choice be today?

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  1. Risk it, because if you don’t the biggest regret will be having not tried at all…
    And this year I am the poster child for playing it safe and regretting it and then risking it and getting something that will open a lot of doors for me in the future.
    Love this post as I do all the others!


  2. What a great post! My husband and I did the same thing–we took a chance by leaving Ohio for FL in 2008. The road hasn’t been easy, but has it been worth it? YES! Absolutely. We have no regrets. I don’t like to look backwards and play the what-if game because you can’t go anywhere if you’re stuck in the past. 🙂


  3. Thank you for this post! Our family did the same move from N Illinois 6 months ago. Lots of the same feelings that you hit upon here. We are enjoying out first “warm” Christmas this year.


  4. I tell this to my daughter all the time. You miss 100% of the shots you do not take. Don’t be afraid to take a shot at something you want to achieve. And if you want something bad enough – work your butt off to earn it. If you fall short…at least you will never regret taking a chance.


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