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You Can’t Keep a Great Blog Down

Well hello everyone!

Yes, this past December I had pretty much put the blog away and started to live life away from the public eye. It gave me time to think, REALLY think, about what I wanted from my new life here in FL.  First and foremost, I wanted my family happy, healthy, and safe.  Secondly, I wanted to give them more time since I now had it due to retiring from the blog. Funny thing started to happen though…I found I was the same Amy, with or without the blog.

I did find peace. I imagine it is how anyone feels once they leave a job, or anything, they do for a long period of time. You go through stages of excitement that you don’t have to do it anymore, than almost a grieving period of “now what?” I found I had time to try new things, like couponing, but I also felt like I was missing something.

Like I said, I had plenty of time for the family, my extended family, my friends, and the house. Yet, there was still time left in the day that I found myself thinking “I miss writing.”  I did go to the Parks with new eyes for the first month, but then I still found myself seeing things that I wanted to share and write about, and it was a very empty feeling to know that I made the choice to walk away.

You know what is harder than making a choice? Knowing that sometimes you have to swallow your pride and know that maybe that choice wasn’t the right one. I should have taken a break instead of a full out retirement, but how I felt at the time was so strong that it felt almost like ripping a band-aid off all at once by shutting it all down.

The reasons for what led me to leave it in the first place were of my own, but I have made peace with them and honestly feel really good and excited about my come back.  I found out that while I didn’t write, the readers I had never left, the TRUE readers, never went anywhere. They emailed me, private messaged me, called me, texted me- they found a way to let me know they supported, loved, and wanted me back.  To those of you who did, and you know who you are, thank you for letting this humble Midwestern writer feel important and blessed.

So how fitting would it be, in God’s timing always, that I would re-launch the blog today, on our THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the blog. Yes, that’s right- I didn’t plan it this way until a few days ago I looked at the calender and thought “How cool is that?!?!”

I am happy to officially announce that yes, The Relocated Tourist is back! I am completely over the moon excited with new projects, ideas, and writers.  Relocation will always be the main idea, but being a general blog about living here gives me the ability to blog on any dang thing I want. I am not here for numbers, for press time, or for fans. I am here to write from the heart, to share my dreams with other dreamers and to give others a chance to have their voice heard as well.  It will be the blog you remember, plus added caffeine and a whole lot more heart.

So welcome back to all my future, current, and wanna be Relocated Tourists…..are you ready for the next chapter?

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  1. Yes! Ready for the next chapter. Enjoy and share your life with us. Keep what needs to be private to yourself and your family. ((Hugs))


  2. I am thrilled that you are back! You have been a great source of inspiration for me, as I work towards my own Disney dream. Can’t wait to catch up on all the posts, and go back through the archives!


  3. YAY!! Welcome back. So happy for you, your family and our TRT family. I hope this blog continues to grow and becomes all you hope it will be.


  4. Thanks for coming back. I didn’t get everything read at the time of printing, but I saved it in a Disney file so I could go back and read when I had the time and could enjoy it.


  5. Yay! I’m so glad you’re back. Looking forward to all that lies in store for the blog! I never did remove the bookmark from my favorite sites list. 🙂


  6. I am so happy you are back! I followed you for a long time and was very sad that you needed to go. I’m looking forward to seeing what you have been up to. I’ve never replied to anything before but I couldn’t help it this time. Your blog is great!


  7. Looking forward to the next chapter!! I’m so glad that you came back. I missed your posts so much. I kept checking the website every few days just hoping it would be back up and running, so I was VERY happy to see that that day finally came. I was sad to read your last post, but understood that you needed to step away. I didn’t email because I wanted to give you the space that you needed. I would read something new about Disney and wonder if you saw it yet, and what your view was on it. Welcome Home!!!


  8. I am glad you are back. Every time something happened at the World, I wondered if you experienced it. Like the recent Kelly and Michael show or the limited time magic events. Welcome Back!


  9. So excited! All those links about moving…..are BACK! I am actively trying to move to FL but am having trouble with the job market. So ready to move! Keep up the great writing.


  10. Sometimes we have to walk away from something before we can fully appreciate it. Sounds like you needed that break to realize your true passion for your blog. Very happy to see you back!


  11. So incredibly happy to see you back. I felt like I lost a friend! Isn’t it funny how attached we can get to someone we haven’t even met? I look forward to following the blog. I love the new look of the site. My husband and I are planning our relocation in a few years and this is such a valuable and inspirational help for us!


  12. Amy! Finally getting caught up with the new blog entries – love having you back! It was great to see you at the meet up and also to meet your husband and daughter – felt like I already knew them from the photos and stories on the blog! Hope you all are doing well – will text or email you to say hi when we’re down for Everest Challenge – cinco de mayo!!


    • Thanks for the kind words, I try my best to help everyone who is interested in moving here. God bless your day!


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