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“Oz, The Great and Powerful”…a Sneak Peek at the Movie!

The Disney Parks Blog invited anyone to come and watch the newest OZ flick which hits Theaters this week! Excited to revisit my childhood, I eagerly sent my email in and was over the rainbow excited they chose me to be one of the lucky few to the pre-screening. Put on your 3D glasses on- here is my review, enjoy!

So many of us have grown up either reading the books, watching Dorothy and friends skip down the yellow brick road, or fell in love with the beautiful tone of Judy Garland’s voice. Although Dorothy and friends are not in this current film, the great and powerful Oz indeed is.  I should mention I will NOT be giving anything away, so it is indeed safe to read on.

First off, I LOVED the beginning credit sequences. The tinkering, black and white mechanisms showed each name as they took you almost through a tunnel type view.  It was then on to the back story of the Wizard himself.  They stayed true to the black and white, almost sepia look for the beginning so they could then transistion to color, just like the “Wizard of Oz.”

And when it went to color…Oh. My. Gosh.  Do you remember the feeling you had when you first ran with the characters in “Avatar?”  The colors were vibrant, beautiful, and you wanted to put your hand out and touch the flowers.  This OZ was shown like Middle Earth…each it’s own landscape, towns, etc..   You will see famliar sights and also new towns- after seeing one you will always want to carry glue on you, just in case.

I was engaged during most of the film, at times though I found my thoughts wandering.  Some of the dialougue was a bit dry, but all in all, I found most of it very believable.  It has twists and turns, and you find yourself at the edge of your seat wanting to know what was going to happen.  I also felt the storyline was quite interesting since I have seen all of the movies and the play “Wicked.” With so many different interpretations out there now, it’s sometimes hard to follow where another storyline is trying to take you.

The music was wonderful, and I felt the casting was done quite well.  James Franco did a fantastic job and if I was to be in Oz, he would be the Wizard I would like to see than the one in the original film.  But, you will decide for yourself.

Now, what age should be seeing this? I have to say that the Wicked Witch had some pretty intense scary moments that I can’t see anyone 8 and younger wouldn’t be frightened from.  Is it worth the money? Yes! I did see it in 3D and it was cool to be immersed in the film like that.  There is one part where it looks like snow or some type of flower falling around him, and you feel like it is falling around you. Any movie that I feel I am practically there, it is a great one!

Thanks to the Disney Parks Blog team for letting us see it for free- it was a neat experience and I had a great time. For more “Oz” fun, check out the new garden area at Epcot which I will be seeking out this week. “There’s no place like home…”


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  1. Thanks for the sneak peek! I have been looking forward to seeing this for so long, can’t believe it is almost time. Sounds like you had a good time at the show. I looked and looked at that picture on the Disney Parks Blog but I couldn’t find you.



  2. Your so lucky you got to do this….I can’t wait to see it myself. Now this is why I just have to move down there…I don’t want to muss a thing.


  3. What a great experience! Thank you for sharing it. I’m looking forward to the movie even more now. Have a Magical Day!!


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