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Living in a Cul de sac

Having lived here for over a year and a half now, I thought I would shed some light on what may save you time, energy, and above all, stress. Enjoy!

When we first saw this home from Google Earth, it looked like it was in the dream location. We have lived on corner lots, busy streets, quiet suburbs, and in the city.  A cul de sac was a new adventure for us, and what we loved about it was that people wouldn’t be driving down it unless they lived there…right? I mean, an occasional curious car might come through, but it was the perfect set up for my youngest to bike in safety and no worry about speeding cars coming down. That was the thought.

Well, as we have learned, thoughts are thoughts. Now when we got here, we found the neighborhood relatively quiet. The kids who lived here met Emily, everyone got along, but mostly people kept to themselves and their yards.  I am all for a wave, a hello, and an occasional conversation- but peace is the goal. Then new neighbors moved in, and the happy circle of peaceful neighbors started to draw lines in the sand and it has almost become a soap opera around here. It’s tolerable and we have had to request our privacy by some.

A cul de sac is a wonderful thing when everyone gets along, but what people don’t realize is that you are caught in the circle of homes.  You can never know who is moving in, or out, so choose the location of your rental/home wisely.  Even when you have chosen the best area, you still have to pray and hope you have wonderful neighbors. Meet the people who may be potential ones so you can get a feel for who they are- do they have dogs? Do they have fences? Do you want or need a fence? A lot should go into your thinking when renting or buying anywhere.

My point is that when you live on just a normal straight through street you have to deal with the neighbors on either side of you and sometimes the ones across the street. But in a culdesac you are amongst six other homes that are THE neighbors and if you don’t love them, it could become an uncomfortable situation.

We still love our home, we still love our area. This is OUR dream, and we will continue to enjoy it.  Just keep all of it in mind when looking for that place to live.


  1. We live in the house we bought from my in laws .. Needless to say all my neighbors have been here FOREVER !! They know my hubby since he was little. I love it here but EVERYONE knows EVERYTHING !! Kind of annoying and good .. Every neighborhood / block has it ! So happy you are back ! ❤


  2. I live ina cul-de- sac and love it. THere are only four houses on the street and one is empty as the owners live in N.J.The lady across from us is house bound and at the top is a very nice older couple. I hope that your neighbors learn the art of being nice soon. Hang in there who knows they might move.


  3. Thanks for the insight. It is really helpful to get tips like this from someone who lives in Florida. We are currently looking and appreciate all the help we can get. 🙂


  4. I couldn’t agree more! We went in the opposite direction, from cul-de-sac to a busy street. People thought is was a downgrade, but I like it better. We were stuck with some less than desirable neighbors and there was no escaping them. Plus people barreled down the street with no regard for kids playing or riding their bikes. Made me crazy!


  5. We live in a culdesac and I completely understand how you are feeling! We had one set of neighbours who would stir up trouble and go between the houses saying “this has been said about you” etc. This caused a terrible atmosphere but fortunately everyone saw through them and they moved. Now we all live in relative harmony, but I do feel like I live in a goldfish bowl as a neighbour will often make comments like “you were out late the other night!”

    On the plus side, we all know if there’s a strange car on the street so it helps to keep all the children safe and we all keep an eye on each other’s houses.

    Don’t let your neighbours get to you, live your life your way and be happy – life’s too short to have it full of people that make you miserable xx


  6. Thanks for sharing your experience. Up until this post I always thought that living in the cul de sac would be the way to go. Something to think about when we look at houses in Florida.


  7. Amy. Well, we don’t live in a cul de sac but we moved to an area with kids who are nOT NICE AT ALL. the parents are ok, busy working but the kids won’t even say hi to me and dh, they are snotty (no idea why) and disrespectful. I know how you feel in a way, if it were a cul de sac, it’d be worse. seriously thinking to move just do to the unfriendly atmosphere here!


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