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The Art of the “BUY ONE GET ONE” or “BOGO”

When the kids were small, I couponed just here and there. But what I do remember of those days were that if there was a “Buy One, Get One” deal at the “Piggly Wiggly” in WI, I could use one coupon for the item I was indeed paying for, because the other one was free.

Are you ready for me to blow your mind? Here in FL, and probably other grocery stores other than Publix, allow me to use TWO coupons for the “Buy One, Get One Free.”  What does that mean? It means if I am buying pasta, and each box is $1.50 and let’s say it’s on sale for the “BOGO.”  I have one coupon for each box of pasta, at .50 off let’s say, I can use them for both because the store recognizes it as a TWO item purchase. Therefore, you can use TWO for it. So if that were a real purchase above, the pasta- both boxes, would have cost me .50 total or .25 each.

Ready for it to get even cheaper? Publix in my area honors Target and Winn-Dixie competitor coupons. So if Target had a coupon out for the same pasta, I could use TWO of theirs WITH the manufacturing ones on TOP of the “BOGO” deal.  The rule of thumb is you can you use one manufacturing and one store together, also known as “stacking.”  When you stack, you will walk out with AMAZING deals!

Last but not least, some “BOGOs” are calculated different from store to store. Example- let’s say its Tombstone Pizza “BOGO” for $6.30.  Some stores will let you purchase just ONE pizza for half the first price, which would be $3.15.  But, my Publix requires you purchase BOTH items to recieve the “BOGO” deal.  If you bought just one pizza at my Publix, you would pay $6.30 for it.  It is very important that you ask your local store what their “BOGO” policy is.  It’s the difference from paying full price and walking out with half of what you COULD have, or walking out with twice the value and groceries.

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  1. Another good reason to retire in Florida! Here in New Jersey you can only use one of the same coupon no matter how many you buy. Also watch out for BOGO 50%. You’re actually getting 25% off, which is an okay discount, but you’re forced to buy two.


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