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What Newspaper to Get?

Couponing starts with your local newspaper. You want to go with the more popular newspaper, as they will have the most advertisements, which also means more coupons. I was given the tip that if you want to get really serious about stock piling your goods, you will want to get two newspapers for each person in your household. Now, I only pick up two, and sometimes four when there is going to be a good coupon weekend.  I get so many online these days, that it’s easier sometimes to print ones out than cut.

A tip for all of my soon-to-be Floridians, the Orlando Sentinel “Sunday” paper comes out on Saturday mornings, as well as Sunday mornings. Yes, it’s called the “Early Edition” on Saturdays, and then all they do is change the cover for Sunday’s paper.  The coupons are still the same from Saturday to Sunday,  so there isn’t any reason to buy both days. BUT the GREAT thing about buying it on Saturday is that all of the SUNDAY ads are in there, giving you a jump and head start with the sales and coupons you now have. PLUS if you really find there are some awesome coupons in the Saturday one, you can pick up more on Sunday again.  Some items that are on sale with coupons on top of them can leave the shelves QUICKLY on the first day of the sale. For grocery stores, they usually have quite a bit of stock- but for deals involving CVS and Walgreens, they are drug stores and don’t carry huge numbers of certain products.  Having that jump on Sunday for those places will help your chances of scoring the big deals.

On a side note, the Sentinel also has a Wednesday paper that will occasionally have coupons as well. I pick my paper up around my area, I do not have a subscription.  For more information check out the Orlando Sentinel site.



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  1. a great tip is also to take a walk around your neighborhood on the night when the recycling bucket goes out…great coupons findS


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