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Cagan Crossings in Clermont

I frequent the Wal-Mart on Highway 27, and every time I turn back on 27 to head home, I pass by this sweet little area called “Cagan Crossings.”  So after I picked up my DVD at Wal-Mart this morning, I thought I would stop by their little downtown area, called “Town Center,” and take some pictures for you all.  They have a website if you are interested in living here or near there.

I only walked around so I can’t tell you what the residence is like, but I thought the downtown area was very quiet and peaceful. It’s funny how much it was since it sits off of “Highway 27” which is usually busy most of the time.  To me it had a “Celebration” feel to it, but not so “Stepford Wivish.”  It is very enticing to think I could just walk to not only this downtown area for things I need, but also they have a nice library, and across the street is Wal-Mart, Lowes, Taco Bell, KFC, along with several others places, including a gas station.

Now,  this IS considered in Clermont, but here is the thing about Clermont. It starts in this area and then extends about 30 miles down “27.” Yes, it is a very widea area. So when people  say to me Clermont sounds good because it is close to Disney, um which side are you talking about?  The one that is Cagan Crossings will still take you a good 15-20 minutes or more, depending on traffic, to get down Highway 192- then once you are on 27, start adding more minutes to that.  I realize anything in the State of FL is “close” to WDW then where we all moved from, but if you want to be able to enjoy the Parks at any time, you want to be able to live close enough so that it doesn’t kill your gas tank. Just food for thought. Enjoy the tour in these pics!

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  1. We stayed in that area once with family. It wasn’t a bad drive to the parks. I believe the housing area that we stayed in happened to be further away from Disney than the little mall that you showed pictures of (because we ate there)


  2. I consider this area of Clermont where Cagan Crossings is located to be the Four Corners area — it’s viewable on Google Map. It’s called Four Corners because it’s where the counties, with cities in parentheses, meet:
    1) Polk (Davenport),
    2) Lake (Clermont)
    3) Osceola (Kissimmee)
    4) Orange (Orange Lakes/Disney)
    This is a nice, convenient area, but you’ll want to pay attention to which county you’re in, as the school systems, taxes, etc. all differ, though it’s all really the same area of town.


  3. I agree with Kristen, that the Cagan Crossings area, while technically “Clermont”, isn’t Clermont proper. Like she said, this area is known as Four Corners. There seems to be a lot of nice houses in the Four Corners area, but from what I have heard a majority of them are vacation homes. If you live in this area you would find your neighbors aren’t around year round or possibly always new tourists staying in the homes. We would have liked to have been closer than Clermont proper, but schools in this area aren’t great or robust since the population in this area isn’t as permanent. We settled with the south side of Clermont proper with quick easy access to 27. The schools are better here and there aren’t any renters nor tourists in the area.


    • Thanks Greg and Kristen for the info! When I did my research, it did say “Clermont.” Because of that town’s length on 27, it would make sense there is a “proper one” and not. Just for clarification, my neighborhood is near the tourism, like Celebration, and mostly everyone in my neighborhood is permanent, only 2 homes are vacation homes across the way. I am sure you have renters and tourists in your area, you just don’t know about them. It is good to hear your view on it, I haven’t heard the best on the schools in Clermont. Thanks again for taking the time to comment! 🙂


  4. It didn’t take off really until the library came into town, even now a lot of the shops are empty and eateries close down on a frequent basis. I can say this as I live near here.


  5. I live in the Glen community within Cagan Crossings. I love it here! The downtown area is great and everyone here is super friendly. I used to live around the downtown Clermont area and when I moved to Cagans, I was shocked to see how far this was from everything “in Clermont.”


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