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Check out this GREAT coupon for “Wreck-it Ralph” out TODAY!!!

I saw this in Theaters with friends, and I fell in LOVE with Ralph! We can all relate to being the one who isn’t “included” or “left out” of life situations. This movie has not only a whole lot of punch, but it packs even more in heart.  Whether you are a Disney fan, or like me… a Gamer at heart, you will LOVE “Wreck-it Ralph.”

Scotts Paper Products and the Disney Movie Club have partnered up for a wonderful coupon deal for the movie’s release week.  Visit to sign up on their site to get a code. Copy and paste the code to the link they provide which will take you to the Disney Movie Club site.  Sign up there, if you haven’t already, and BOOM- $7.00 off today!  It is a printable coupon, so you will get it instantly!

I bought mine this morning at Wal-Mart, it was originally $29.95.  Remember, it is for the Blu-Ray COLLECTION. You get the regular DVD, the Blu-Ray, the 3D Blu-Ray, Digital copy, AND bonus extras! My total cost before tax was $22.95, and for what you get, this is a GREAT deal!!  I am not sure if the coupon will work on the regular Blu-Ray Combo which is $22.95.  If anyone uses it on that one, PLEASE let me know by commenting on this post.

Enjoy the deal and make sure you do it THIS week as the coupon expires March 8th!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Picking up later today! Fabulous price for Blu-Ray, DVD and especially the digital copy with house full of kids and iPads! Great Easter gift!


  2. Respondents on the forum, where I typically check to find coupons and best prices for Blu-rays, appear to be using for any of the versions which include Blu-ray discs, 3D or not. It won’t work on the DVD-only version, however. Best prices appear to be at Target and Best Buy — about three dollars lower than the Wal-Mart price (although Wal-Mart should price-match either of those if you ask and can show them the price you’d pay in the store (not an online price).


  3. I brought mine at Target, the “collection’s edition” which is just the blu-ray and DVD. Target had it for $19.99, used my $7 coupon, brought it down to $12.99, plus I had a $5 Target gift card from a previous promo and it only cost me $7.99 🙂


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