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The Disney Store in Braintree, MA

Guest Author: Heather Jones

disney store


My family and I visited The Disney Store at South Shore Plaza in Braintree during our February break. This is simply a box store and doesn’t have the whimsical set pieces seen at many other locations. A little disappointing, but any port in a storm!

IMG_5976 IMG_5977

This store features the expected merchandise; plush characters, princess dresses, tee shirts and novelty gifts.  There was quite a bit Monster’s Inc. merchandise on display. They are most likely gearing up for the new movie coming this summer. As we arrived there was a cast member finishing up a fun trivia game at the back of the store. This was an unexpected treat. Too bad we didn’t arrive earlier. I think we would have trounced the competition!

IMG_5993 IMG_5991

This particular store is one to pop into if you happen to be at the South Shore Plaza. I wouldn’t make a special trip unless you are someone who is desperately  in need  of a Disney fix.  You know who you are!

The Disney Store

South Shore Plaza

250 Granite St, Braintree, MA 02184

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      • Hanover Mall? No…I remember the one in the Kingston Mall. Omg, I was sooooo sad when they closed! Have you been to the outlet store in Wrentham yet? We went on opening day and got Disney Store Mickey Ears! It was so fun!


  1. We live in the area and have been to this Disney store many times….unfortunately, it is one of the better stores around for us to visit. If they haven’t been closed down, they are pretty plain compared to what I have been hearing about. Now I’m jealous and would like to know what the other stores are like.


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