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Disney College Program: Main Street Electrical Parade Preview

Guest Author: Zach Nace


“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the Magic Kingdom proudly presents our spectacular pageant of night time magic and imagination. In thousands of sparkling lights and electro-sythe-magnetic musical sounds: The Main Street Electrical Parade.” As most of you know the Main Street Electrical Parade came back to Walt Disney World in June 2010. However as some of you might know the debut night for the public was not the first showing of this timeless parade. As a Cast Member you get “Cast Previews.” In this case I attended this Cast Preview of the Electrical Parade.


First we (Cast Members) had to wait for the park to completely empty. As the park was just about to empty all of the Cast Members went to meet at the old entrance to Toon Town. There stood hundreds of Cast Members. To be able to see the preview you had to show your Disney I.D. to prove you were indeed a Cast Member and not a guest. Then about 30 minutes until midnight all of the Cast Members headed down to Main Street. All of Main Street was lined with mostly CP’s (college program). Also there were film crews and photographers. All the video and photos they used for advertising was from the Cast Preview. Kinda cool, huh? I thought so.


Once we all were situated on Main Street I met up with my roommates and my cousin Ashley, now a seasonal Cast Member at Space Mountain, and waited for the parade to start. Once the music came on over the loud speakers the crowd went wild! You could feel all the energy that Disney’s parade created. The parade continued as it does today, however since it was the first run through there were some mishaps. For example, Smee had trouble steering his boat, they had trouble turning the America float from the Hub to the Liberty Square Bridge. Beside these things it ran like clockwork.

Overall it was a fun night with memories of seeing it first that I will never forget.

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