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My Disney Snowglobe Collection

Guest Author: Heather Araskiewicz

Souvenirs can be found in abundance throughout Walt Disney World. They range from the inexpensive (keychains) to the expensive (limited edition collectables). Finding that perfect souvenir or gift is never a problem when you are visiting the parks because there is so much to choose from. The only problem you might have is deciding what to buy!

Over the years I have been to WDW many times and every time I go I come home with a suitcase full of gifts and souvenirs for both my family and myself. One thing I always try to do is find a gift that is unique to the person I am buying for. Over the years I have been the recipient of some really unique gifts. Thinking back I can remember the first Disney snowglobe that I got. My parents bought the same one for both me and my sister. The globe had  Lady and the Tramp in it and the reason they chose it was because this was one of our favorite movies growing up.

Over the years whenever my parents visited WDW they would bring me back a snowglobe that related to something that I loved about Disney. Each of these globes have special meaning to me because they were gifts and they were gifts that were specifically chosen for me. The globes are currently displayed in my dining room but will be moving to my home office once I get a book case for them. Every so often when I am cleaning them I will crank the music box and let the music fill the room. I have posted detailed descriptions and photos of each of my snowglobes on my blog: Goof’n Around the World.sowglobessowglobes3

It had been a while since I had gotten a new globe. Then this year my very dear friend Matt (also a Disney fanatic) surprised me and got me my first Christmas globe. I love it as much as the others and it has a spot front and center on its shelf.

Although these are not the only souvenirs that I have brought home and that I have spread throughout my house they are the only ones that are a collection. One of the things that I love to ask other Disney fans is what they collect. It seems like just about Disney fan out there has some item they collect whether its pins, vinylmations or lithographs.

What are your favorite Disney collections?

To read more about my snowglobes or my travel adventures check out my blog Goof’n Around the World.

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  1. Love this article! I have a Disney snowglobe collection also and I treasure them. My favorite is my Mad Tea Party snowglobe. I haven’t bought one is a couple of years because I started running out of room for them. I think I’m going to have to get one when I go to WDW this year.


  2. Thanks for sharing your pictures! I have a Disney snowglobe collection too. Amongst my favorites is a Mary Poppins one. Already thinking about what one I am going to pick out while visiting WDW next month.


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