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Walt Disney World as a Kid

Guest Author: Kim Swann 
My first trip to Disney World was in 1981, but my mom is not sure what month we went.  At the time of the trip, I was 5 years old.  My family of five drove to Disney World from Bridgeport, Texas in my parents two door orange Datsun.  When we got out of the car at the parking lot in Disney World, my parents told us we were only going to look at Disney World from the parking lot.  As soon as we heard this, my brother, sister, and I started crying.  We would say things like, “but we don’t want to look at it from the parking lot, we want to go into Disney World.”
We continued the crying and making statements like this while we walked to the window to purchase tickets, as my mom was doing so, walking to the Ferry, on the Ferry, and walking up to the Magic Kingdom.  We did not stop until we had the Castle in front of us.  My mom has since told me, on the Ferry ride over to the Magic Kingdom, she was given many nasty looks by people, who she assumed thought she should have let us know we were already inside Disney World.
I remember small parts of rides like Pirates of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion, It’s a Small World,  and Hall of Presidents.  Then on Dumbo, my sister and I kept fighting over who got to make dumbo go even higher.  The thing I remember most from the trip was Snow Whites Scary Adventures being closed.  It absolutely broke me heart, and I make it my mission to go back some day to ride it.
I did not go back to Disney World, until I went with my high school band in 1994, and I meant to ride it.  While waiting on the Sky Buckets with a group of girls, I noticed a really cute guy.  We talked to him and his brother in the line to get on the ride, and they were waiting for us when we got on at the other side.  He was so cute I forgot about riding Snow White’s ride that day.  When I went back in 2000, with the same guy I met in 1994, to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary, it was the first ride we went on.
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