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Drink of the Day: Agave Nectar Margarita

Guest Author: Beth Elliot

Beth Elliott1

I don’t know about you, but after a day at the parks, almost nothing sounds better to me than a cold, refreshing cocktail…or two.  I AM on vacation, after all!  At home, I tend to stick to my usual vodka and tonic, but when I’m at Disney World, I really enjoy trying some of the more unique concoctions on the menu.  Luckily, one of my “must do” drinks, the Agave Nectar Margarita, can be found on the standard drink menu at most of the restaurants and lounges.  In a lot of ways, this is simply a great take on a classic margarita on the rocks.  The menu describes it this way:

Agave Nectar Margarita: Tres Generaciones Organic Plata Tequila, Agave Nectar, and fresh Lime Juice

Beth Elliott2

After more than a few taste tests, I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason I like this version more than the standard margaritas you’ll find elsewhere is the freshness.  There’s something about the combination of agave nectar and fresh lime juice that just make this especially thirst-quenching and refreshing.  So, if you like a good, classic margarita, I’d highly recommend you give it a try.

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