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Part of your World – The Little Mermaid Experience

        Guest Author/Photographer: Joe Diebold

We begin our photo journey at one of the newest places in Walt Disney World, The Little Mermaid area in New FantasyLand .   First you notice  the unmistakable view of Prince Eric’s Castle  just as you remembered it from the movie.   Second you will notice is the amazing attention to detail in the area, from the stone arches to the waterfalls.  As you make your way to the ride you will see the front part of a ship, as if a storm had washed it up on the shore. On the front of the ship you will see none other then Princess Ariel as she is reaching out to the sky.

        The queue line is rather long but that is not necessarly a bad thing.  In the queue  you will see more items from the washed up ship. There are also hidden items such the nautilus carving from the 20,000 leagues under the sea and hidden mickeys.  As you continue through the queue you are taken into the coral and you will find many of the items Ariel has collected.  The best thing about this part is the interactive aspect.  Find the blue crabs and help them organize the items they find, it really is pretty cool to see.  I suggest that even if the line is short, take your time with walking to the ride.  There is so many things to see including the  chamber area,  it starts to get a little dark – so no running!!!
lm004a lm003a
     The ride is simply breathtaking.   Hop in the Shell and off you go, under the see and on your way to see Ariels story as Disney makes it Part of your World.  All of your favorite sceens from the movie are shown on the ride and you just want to ride it again just to see it again to make sure that you didn’t miss anything.
lm007a lm005a
     When you are finished with the ride, don’t forget to head over to Ariel’s Grotto where you can meet Ariel and tell her how much you enjoyed  her story.  After your busy day, make sure to stop by the area at night and enjoy the way the area looks all lit up.  It really is a sight to see.  Until next time…enjoy the photos and have a magical day!!
lm009a lm008a
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