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My Favorite DIsney Dining Experience…Cinderella’s Royal Table

Guest Author:  Thadine Mauricio

For some people it is very easy to pin point their favorite Disney dining experience.  Maybe because of the food, or the service or the ambience, you ask them and they have an answer ready.  Well not me-  I don’t know if it’s because I love everything Disney or it is because we have had many great dining experiences throughout out vacations. So when someone (Amy) asked me this question I had to think, and as I was going through our vacation pictures I suddenly knew it.  Cinderella’s Royal Table.

We have been on many Disney vacations before but I we never had dinner inside the castle -and that was something I was really looking forward to. But with two boys that was not so easy, they would roll their eyes and say “dining with princesses?” So we got to dine with dinosaurs and Mickey and the gang and all other boyish stuff I could find on- or offsite. But in December of 2011 we were planning to spend Christmas and New Year at Disney, and my whole family was going with us, including my niece who is a big fan of Ariel. She wanted to dine with Ariel,  that was on top of her wish list. I finally got my chance to book Cinderella’s Royal Table for all of us.


It was a very special day as my niece did the BBB experience right before dinner; my little son decided he would like to be Knight in Shining Armor. After we were done at BBB we were escorted inside the castle to meet with Cinderella. After some cute pictures we went up to the dining room. It was so beautiful, I felt like walking into a fairytale. They sat us down and brought the appetizers. It’s a fixed dinner with a few choices for appetizers, main course and dessert.

The food was delicious; I had the rock shrimp cocktail for my appetizer, the roast beef tenderloin for my main course and to top it off the almond cheesecake with lingonberry jam. That was the best cheesecake I have ever had . Everybody loved their food choices and as we were eating the princesses started to make the rounds. My niece and my little son would stand up and take pictures with each one and the interaction was very cute, but my 17 year old did not want to be in the pictures, till Ariel appeared.As my niece was squeaking with delight, my eldest stood up and went to stand next  to Ariel for a picture. You can imagine how we teased him all throughout dinner.


I definitely recommend dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table, You will have to make your reservation as soon as the 180 window day opens because it is always booked solid.  It is not very cheap, but we all thought it was worth it every penny.

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