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Best. Restroom. Ever!!!

I have been wanting to see the “Tangled” themed restroom for awhile now, but getting in and out of the Magic Kingdom can be a chore, so I was delighted to finally get in this past Friday.  Of course it was during Spring Break time and the Park was mobbed, BUT, I didn’t care because I didn’t have to ride anything!


It’s just the truth, when you live here, ANYTHING new in the Parks around the Central FL area is exciting because it is just that, something new.  I had watched this area being built for months, and it was finally revealed in front of me.Tangled2

My first impression was this… how AWESOME for them to make Rapunzel her own corner in Fantasyland. Wait…it’s just restrooms? Are you serious? Not even a small room off to the side for a Meet and Greet?  So the beloved Rapunzel is awarded restrooms… sweaty butts on toilets.  Sorry, it’s just not right.  This area is SOOO COOL so WHY wouldn’t you  put the Characters in there?? Disney, WAKE UP, this movie was a great success and people LOVE seeing her and him- MAKE THE MOST OF IT!! Why put so much detail into an area that most are seriously running in and out of, where strollers lined the entire bathroom courtyard, and where now you can use as a short cut to Haunted Mansion? Tangled5Tangled6

Anyhoo, I loved the area, I really did. Lanterns hung overhead, which I can’t wait to see at night sometime, and posters hung the outside walls of the buildings.  A frying pan hung overhead, with the satchel hanging on the beam next to it.  I walked into the restroom too see what Rapunzel had painted all over the walls.  Overhead by the mirrors were her paints and brushes on a shelf- nice touch! Tangled13 Tangled12Tangled14 Tangled4 Tangled3

Because of the crazy crowds and parked strollers, there wasn’t much opportunity to find the hidden Pascals. I will go back in after Spring Break and look for them, which I am happy about because I haven’t see them yet online or off.   (Someone told me about them).  Tangled11 Tangled10 Tangled9 Tangled8 Tangled7

My favorite part of this area was the walkway to the Haunted Mansion, and the flowing waterfall with Rapunzel’s tower overhead. It was a beautiful spot and I could see on a dead day at MK spending time in this area just breathing it all in, just gorgeous. I also should mention you can charge your cellphones here, which is a nice thing to do when you don’t have your own charger.  But when it is incredibly crowded, like when I was there, there isn’t a chance you will be able to do so, so keep it that in mind with the high crowd season.Tangled15 Tangled21 Tangled20 Tangled19 Tangled18Tangled17 Tangled16

It is an amazing little spot in Fantasyland, but Disney, for it being a BRAND NEW spot, a Meet and Greet should have been a given.  Here’s hoping that in the future we see Rapunzel and Flint running around, dancing to the music with children in a circle, just like in the movie.


  1. It is absolutely incredible at night – the lanterns are magical and the tower is absolutely gorgeous at night. I’m exactly the opposite – I can’t wait to see it in daylight!!!


  2. I have been wondering if there is a hidden Pascal anywhere? I haven’t seen anything mentioned about him and it would seem a very Disneyish thing to have him hidden somewhere for visitors to look for.


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