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Getting Your New Annual Pass

Craig and I headed into Epcot last night to get my new hard ticketed Annual Pass. It was almost sad to use my paper Mickey one for the last time as I entered Epcot, but I have been one of many who were hoping they would give us a hard ticket soon anyways.

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We headed back to the old “Odyessy” building, which is on the right of Test Track and before the Mexico side of the World Showcase.  They checked at the door you had your paper Annual Pass, then showed you which line to get in inside the main room.  In the hallway they had all sorts of neat exhibits- it was liking a taking a time machine back to the good old days.  Even being in that building itself which I know personally I had not stepped in since 1991. (Not including the bathroom breaks here and there).

111 112 113 114 115 116

We were escorted into line and then shown which Cast Member to approach at a long table filled with them.  They took my paper ticket, asked to see my photo I.D., then had me choose a character from the printed page on the table. You can choose Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald. I went for Goofy, because he is just awesome!  She signed my name to the back of the card, added the date I joined, and handed it back to me where I was shown to try it out at the exit.

117 118 119 120 121

I tapped my new card to the Mickey circle, it went white. I put my finger down on the scanner, it then turned green, and I was all good to go!   It won’t take you longer than 10 minutes to compltet the task, pending the lines. We were in after 6:30 p.m. on a Friday night and had no wait.

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I am super excited this is now complete, and my next thought was … what happens when I lose it, forget it, etc?? We had a close friend who did this already and was just issued a new one, so as for now, they aren’t charging you for the loss. Hope this helps everyone going to do it soon, have a great day!!

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  1. I have to do this too. Was sorry I didn’t do it last night. Not knowing, I put my annual pass next to my bank card and my pass demagnetized and I had to be issued a new one. I wonder if the same is possible with the new pass. I now keep both cards separate.


  2. In the olden days, the annual pass use to have your picture on it and looked a little bit like a license, I hated when they switched to just plastic passes. I hope I like these new ones.


  3. We were down last week and bought new passes March 19. At the gate (for Animal Kingdom) as we were doing so, I asked whether anyone knew yet how annual passes were going to work when Magic Bands hit the parks, and the cast member said there had been no official announcement but that allegedly we’d be able to go to The Odyssey the following day and get cards with RFID chips. We did just that and also found it fast and painless.

    I do have to note that the old “paper” tickets were not paper but Tyvek, a type of extremely fine plastic fiber that’s used for everything from envelopes to lab coats to home insulation wraps. It is very strong and hard to tear, whereas the styrene or acrylic plastic used for “Key to the World” cards or the new passes is more susceptible to damage overall. I hope they hold up.


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