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My Favorite Disney Resort.. Disney’s Contemporary

Guest Author: Laura D.


What do you picture when someone mentions Disney’s Contemporary Resort?  Despite the name, the image in my head was of an “A” shaped building with mid-1970’s décor as the Contemporary was one of the first hotels on Walt Disney World property.  My parents even stayed there on their Honeymoon in 1975…  Last year, I was sent there for a conference on business.  I was partly excited but somewhat bummed out I wasn’t staying somewhere more glamorous like The Grand Floridian.  In my mind, the Contemporary was the “old Disney hotel” but I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised!


The moment I stepped inside the Contemporary I knew I was at home.  Living so close to NYC, and taken many a trip to Manhattan, the lobby of the Contemporary is reminiscent of an upscale hotel in Soho NYC. To my surprise it was crisp, clean, fresh and well… contemporary.  The music was inviting and the scent was captivating.  During my stay I had to ask the concierge desk what that amazing scent was.  The cast member informed me that they have a scent they purchase from a company that makes a signature scent called Green Clover and Aloe.  They pump the scent through the ventilation system which gives the resort that clean trendy scent.  The ambiance is enticing with its clean lines and arty atmosphere.  It’s definitely not a throwback to the 70’s as I previously pictured.

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I checked in at the front desk and requested to be in the main building of the hotel as many of my colleagues were in the Garden Wing which is just a 5 minute roof covered walk away from the main building.  For anyone who has not been to the Contemporary, you are in for an exciting treat!  The monorail actually runs through the center of the hotel.  For those of you who have been to the Contemporary, you can attest to the cool factor of this resort for the sheer fact that day and night you can peek out of your room door to see people jetting through the hotel on the monorail.  There was still plenty of time till my room was ready so I decided to discover my new home for the next 4 days.


I ventured up to the grand concourse of the hotel where I watched excited families take their photo and make their way into Chef Mickey’s which I highly recommend!  I loved taking in the beautiful artwork of famed Disney Artist Mary Blair which is a mosaic that towers above the grand concourse in the center of the resort.  There are also a few shops on the second floor that have several items you won’t be able to find anywhere else on Disney property.  At one of the shops, I purchased a replica of Mary Blair’s artwork on a vase which I love!  There really is so much to discover in this resort.  A large fitness facility is inside the hotel which I trekked up to after enjoying the signature Mickey Waffles at the Contempo Café each morning.  The beautiful modern rooms are pretty large and if you are lucky like me, you’ll get a room on a higher floor with a balcony overlooking the sunrise over Bay Lake.  If you have park tickets, you can either hop on the monorail inside the resort or take a 5 minute walk on the path from the Contemporary to the Magic Kingdom.  But the best surprise of all is the outdoor patio area that overlooks the Magic Kingdom.   One night after dinner I was telling a cast member that I was alone on business and missing my family.  I told her how I love watching the Wishes Nighttime Fireworks display with family.  She whispered to me that there is a special place many guests don’t know about to watch Wishes.  On the grand concourse level on the Magic Kingdom side of the building there is a patio where they actually pipe in the Wishes music and you can watch the magic of the fireworks from the patio.  I quickly ran up just before the show started and saw that I was one of the only people out there.   As I sat back on the bench and watched the vibrant colors of the fireworks against the beautiful Florida night sky I thought to myself, “This is one magical resort…”


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  1. I have always loved the Contemporary. Stayed there when I was a toddler but love riding through it on the monorail. It definitely is magical. Might not remember much when I was young, but somehow remember the scent.


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