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The Walt Disney World Online Job Fair

Opening up the Orlando Sentienel today, do you know how cool I thought it was to see a Disney Job advertisement on the front of the paper? It’s a wrap-around ad on each Sentinel (I get many for couponing) and states they will be having an ONLINE Job Fair March 24th (TODAY) through April 7th.


They have full-time and part-time positions open for Attractions, Bus Drivers, Character Performers, Culinary, Custodial, Lifeguards, Merchandise, Quick Service, and Reservation Sales Agents. (All of these were listed in the paper).PAPERrsz_1072 PAPERrsz_074

It says apply today at …. GOOD LUCK to all future Magic Makers- hope this helps someone who wants to make the dream a reality!


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  1. I wonder if they’ll accept applications from Canada? On the website it seems like they might be accepting people from elsewhere in the States. Not entirely sure if they meant for it to be Orlando based and left it vague?


  2. Oh, I would love this! Think they would pay for relocating fees, lol! My husband said I should just apply anyways…sort of a long drive from MA I think, hehe.


  3. Do you know, or anyone else know, how much any of those positions pay? Like the Reservation Sales Agent…How much do they start out at? I think it is nice to know the pay before you start the application process. Thanks!


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