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Going Solo: May The Force Be With You

Guest Author: Curious George


Last year I decided I wanted to do an extra trip to Disney to go to Star Wars Weekends.  It had been 8 years since I had been down to WDW in May, because we usually go in October for Food and Wine Festival.  I proposed a short trip to my husband who said no.  He could not take the time off of work.  So I asked a couple friends but they both have children and decided they would feel too guilty if they went to Disney without their children.  So this left me with a conundrum.  Go solo or stay home?  I didn’t have to pay for a hotel as we are DVC members and I had a great deal on airfare, so it wouldn’t be that expensive.  I have always been pretty independent and I know my way around WDW like my second home so I decided, why not?  I booked my first solo trip to WDW.  Everyone’s response?  “What?  You are going ALONE? Won’t you be lonely?”  Turns out I really wasn’t.  I mean, there were moments, but overall, I had a great trip.  Initially, I was feeling a little guilty for going on vacation while my husband was going to work, but it turned out he was feeling guilty that I had to go alone and he wasn’t coming with me.  Too late to change it now, so off I went.


Here are the cool things about going solo:

  1. I got up in the morning and headed to a park.  I didn’t need to wait for anyone, when I was awake, off I went (Because at Disney, I am often too excited to sleep!)
  2. I did all the things my husband doesn’t like to do.  I went to all the parades and musicals and didn’t have to feel bad about dragging him to things I know he doesn’t enjoy.  Now don’t get me wrong, he is a trooper and doesn’t complain, but I know he doesn’t enjoy those activities like I do.  So I actually enjoyed these things more because I was solo!
  3. I ate where I wanted.  Usually we book a lot of sit down meals because there are so many great restaurants at WDW.  But being solo I took the opportunity to eat more counter service options.  I found some I really liked such as La Cantina de San Angel in Mexico or the hot dog with macaroni and cheese at DHS or the waffle sandwich at Sleepy Hollow at MK.  There were some I didn’t care for like Teppan Edo in Japan (too bad because I usually love teriyaki) and Sunshine Seasons in Epcot.  One big surprise?  Meals for 6 days for less than $140!
  4. I went shopping in every gift shop.  I didn’t buy too much but it was fun to look around, just because I could.
  5. I got photos with as many characters as I liked.  As a matter of fact that was all I did one day at Star Wars Weekends-just photos with Star Wars characters!  Another thing my husband tolerates, but doesn’t really understand.
  6. I love to take photos so I actually spent part of an afternoon taking monorail photos.  Now this is pretty tedious because you have to wait between monorails, but I got some great shots. (It was Flower and Garden Festival so very pretty).  However, you really need to stop strangers or use Photopass photographers to have them take your photo if you want to be in any pictures.
  7. I carried my Kindle with me in the parks.  I love to read so I figured what a great way to pass the time while standing in line!  I never used it even once.  Every line I stood in people talked to me.  I met some very interesting families from all over the world.  I was never lonely while waiting in line.
  8. We used our iPads to Face Time at night.  That was very helpful because being alone in the hotel room was the spot where I felt the most alone.  But I have to tell you I didn’t miss having the sports channel on the TV all the time!


The down side?  I didn’t realize how much my husband tempers my enthusiasm.  I did 5 days morning to night in the parks just because I could.  Now I know better, but it was a short trip and I was trying to jam everything in.  But boy did I pay for that!  By the end of the trip my back hurt so bad I would sneeze and grab my back instead of cover my face!  It was really bad and took a whole week at home to recuperate.  I was exhausted but I had a blast.  Would I do it again?  Absolutely!  But hopefully I won’t need to because magic is still always best when it is shared.


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  1. I have often thought about going solo lately myself. My son is in college now and he just doesn’t have the time. I don’t have a significant other, and my friends think I’m a little crazy regarding Disney and don’t want to go, so those options are out for me also. This has made me wonder if I should go by myself. It looks like you had a great time. I’m going to have to seriously think about doing this. My fear is that I will be lonely, not have anyone to talk to or people will somehow know that I’m by myself and I’ll feel weird; however, you have addressed most of my concerns. Thanks for your insight!


  2. In June 2011, I took a five-day solo trip. In that time I rode exactly four ride-based attractions (though I did ride Star Tours three or four times). The rest of the time was spent on photography. I went out in the early morning and in the late afternoon and evening (avoiding the middle of the day because the light for photography at that time is poor), and that was exactly what I’d wanted to do for years! I loved it, and hope I’ll get a chance to do that again his year. Sure, I missed my wife and my boys, but this way I wasn’t keeping them or anyone else from doing what they wanted to do. If I wanted to stand in front of Cinderella Castle for three hours trying to find the perfect angle, or looking down the Avenue of the Planets in Tomorrowland after park close, waiting for that elusive guest-free photo, I could — and did — do just that.


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