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Celebrating 15 Years!!!

Guest Author: Brian O’Flynn

Here is the 15 year clock that was just outside the Magic Kingdom  gates.  Also I think a rare Epcot Center 15 year cake, a 15 year parade pic as seen on tv, and the castle with 15 years on it.

rsz_15_year_clock rsz_15_year_epcot_cake rsz_15_years rsz_15_years_parade

Do you have old shots of Disney World in the 70s and 80s and would like to share them? Email the pictures along with a description to

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  1. The 15th birthday of Walt Disney World in 1987 was my first visit, we had so much fun with the tickets you were given as you entered the park. The most we won was a single day park ticket, but prizes included everything up to a new car! I still have many of those tickets and the 15th birthday literature, it’s some of my favorite things in my collection…’s how it all began for me!


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