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A Character Experience with Breakfast on the Side……

Guest Author: Kelly Bender

The Empress Lilly in the 1980’s was the place to be in the morning- by far the best breakfast experience I have ever had. It’s hard to pinpoint what made it so very magical. Was it waiting outside that big steam boat watching the paddle wheel go round and round in anticipation of my family being called? How it seemed so regal to me as a child once on board with such lavish furnishings, elegantly attired wait staff, and silver trays?  Or was it going out on the deck looking for fish in the water below with my Pop, the Mickey balloons that seemed to be everywhere, the free gifts (souvenirs), the sheer number and range of characters on board, or their antics. 

The characters really seemed to spend time with you back then and their visit to your table wasn’t for a picture, it was to actually VISIT with you.  I can clearly remember my early meetings with Mickey, Minnie, & friends, Pinocchio, Honest John.  The things the characters got away with back then!  I recall some really crazy things happening at those breakfasts…..Captain Hook holding one of my cousins upside down by his ankle (for what reason I just can’t quite remember, but I know my grandmother has a photo of it somewhere) and my other cousin stabbing Honest John with a fork, because he was afraid of him! But mostly I remember the hugs, the smiles, the sound of laughter all around….  Oh!  And there was also breakfast!


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