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Enchanted Tales with Belle / Be Our Guest Area

Guest Author: Joe Diebold
On our next stop in New FantasyLand is my favorite part of the whole park, the Enchanted Tales with Belle / Be Our Guest area. When it was announced that this new area was going to be built we had mixed reactions. They ranged from being upset that we wouldnt be able to sit and listen to Belle and her story in the Enchanted Garden, yet we were very happy that there was going to be a new place for Belle in the expansion (Also I have to confess that Belle is my favorite Disney Princess). For years our anticipation has grown for this new area as we looked over the big green walls with wonder about what it was going to look like. During our most recent vacation to Disney World in October we were beyond suprised when we found the walls down and they were allowing us in for a sneak peek of the area. Now a few things happened before we started walking in, my wife and I looked at each other in disbelief then I grabbed my camera and was ready to take some photos, but then as soon as we started walking into this new magical place it was like seeing the castle for the first time on your vacation, and you realized its real – you are actually seeing it. Yes, yes I was bawling!!!JD1
When they say its as if you are stepping right into the move, they aren’t kidding. Walking up the walkway sure the first thing that catches you attention in the Beast’s Castle but what they hit the mark on was Maurice’s cottage. There are so many little details in the cottage and workshop that it is just so much to take in while you are waiting to go in and see Belle. My favorite of the little items in the first room are Belle’s books stacked up or laying out to where she last read up to. There are a few other little items that add their own special touch but I would rather you find them. The most amazing part is the Magic Mirror that takes you in to see Belle, if you can get close up to see it. Enchanted tales with Belle is a little different then Storytime with Belle ( but it still has its magical moments. Make sure that you get a part in the story if you want to get your photo op with Belle.JD5JD7JD8
Next we have Be Our Guest resturant at the Beasts Castle. Since it was not open for eating we only got to go in and see what it was goign to look like, and it did not disappoint us at all. We can not wait to make our diner reservations for here for next October.JD$$$$$$$$$$$$$JD10 JD2
Our last stop brings us to Gaston’s Tavers. This is a great spot to have breakfast – or brunch – or just a quick snack. The decor is just like what you remember from Beauty and the Beast and the food is pretty good too. Make sure to check out the new fountain that Gaston has given the townfolk. Don’t forget to bring your pennies and make wishes.JD11111111JD3 JD9
Like everything that Disney does, in my opinion, they knocked this out of the park. It truely is a Tale as old as time and something that families will have many magical moments together for many, many years to come. Until next time…thanks for looking at the photos and have a Magical Day!!!
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