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New Beginnings Thrift Store

As a “Relocated Tourist” I get to tour my own city of Kissimmee, and recently Mom and I found a lovely Thrift Store located on Highway 192, called “New Beginnings.”  I would find not only treasures, but opportunities to serve my Community as well, enjoy today’s read! THRIFT9

When you have moved away from what you know, what is comfortable, it can be rough road to find your way back to it.  No matter what it is, I truly feel that we are led to another part of what we already knew and loved, and that is what happened yesterday to me.  I volunteered at my local Shelter in WI and loved it- it made me feel special to be able to just bring a smile to somone’s face who was going through such a rough patch in their lives.  I admit I have missed it, but life has been busy and it really never crossed my mind anymore.  Then I walked into the “New Beginnings” Thrift Store and I was hooked. THRIFT5

Why? Everything they make goes to local homeless shelters, particularly the one in Clermont.  How was it that until that moment of reading the signs, did I not even give a second thought to taking this up again? I know life gets hectic, but if we don’t stop to help our fellow man, then what are we?  After picking up information, and talking to several employees (volunteers) for awhile about their ministry, I was not only excited to donate to them but happy to share it all with you. THRIFT3

First off, I want to tell you that the prices were reasonable and negotiable.  We wound up purchasing a desk armoire (fitting for a blogger) for me and they not only came down on it, but they also DELIVERED it to my home. Have you EVER in your lifetime heard of a thrift store delivering? It is awesome!  Now I do live nearby, so make sure and ask where abouts they deliver “too” before you buy that large piece of furniture. Having a small car,  I run into this a lot and I was so happy they not only delivered it (for a fee) but they also brought it into my home where Craig showed them to place it.  I believe they only deliver to first floor residents, so also keep that in mind.  THRIFT1

Second, the store is in an old log cabin restaurant.  It is spacious, it is clean, and it didn’t have that horrible moth ball smell like most do (seriously I can’t stand that smell).  Everything was organized, spaced out, and it was easy to shop around.  They even have shopping carts for you to use, very helpful for all the treasures you may find.  THRIFT4

Third, this is a GOLD MINE for those needing a stroller for your vacation. Why? Well, they sell gently used ones (Umbrella ones for $5 and DOUBLES and larger ones for $30- you can’t rent them this cheap!).  I say buy one here, then pay it forward to someone else staying at the Resort next or ask the front desk to take it off your hands.  This store is located about 5-10 miles down 192 off World Drive in Walt Disney World – a quick cab ride and you can have yourself a stroller for cheap, and use the cab ride to stop and pick up bottled water and snacks too for cheap at any of the stores on 192 before heading back to your Disney Resort.THRIFT7

Fourth, FREE BREAD!  They get donations from Publix and other local businesses of free bread and pastries that you can stop by and pick up, and if you can spare a dime or two to donate, that’s even better! (“Spare a dime” is a head nod to our beloved “American Adventure”).THRIFT6

Last, the money you spend here goes to those in need, and more importantly, it helps people who want to help the homeless get back on their feet and feel useful again.  If you are interested in donating or volunteering, call 407-778-4750.  If you would like to support them with donation items, they take non-perishable foods, gently used clothing, furniture, appliances, and household goods.  (I heard a rumor this is where Disney donates some of their “Lost and Found” items- good to know!)

For more information check out their stire at  So shop for a great cause and feel great that you can help someone in need.

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Going from “What If? to “Why Not” is my life motto and I work hard at living that every day. I share everything from moving to Florida to live near Disney World to road trips across the States. I love the cool, quirky, and crazy stuff that I can find on my Adventures, and every dollar you donate helps support my efforts and hard work. Thank you to ALL who support me!



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