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A Character Cavalcade at Studios

After an amazing day at Studios yesterday, we were heading for one last stop to the Indiana Jones shop for a pin. Little did we know we would be headed straight for a magical moment.  CHAR12 CHAR2

Lined up around Gertie’s Ice Cream area, across from the Indiana Jones show, were many Characters that you don’t usually see out much, or ever inside Studios of all places. CHAR13CHAR7 CHAR5

I found the Green Army Men, the Queen of Hearts, the Evil Queen from Snow White, Belle in her blue dress, Pocahontas, Chip and Dale, Mary Poppins, the Penquin from Mary Poppins, Gepetto, Pinnochio, and Meeko.  When we happened upon them there was NOONE and I mean NOONE around them. Some were playing with each other, some were sitting down and goofing around, and others were skipping around the area. CHAR8CHAR6CHAR4 CHAR1

I played with the Green Army Men, Gepetto went up to Mom and Bob and messed with them, and Chip played with a live duck sitting near by.  But my ultimate favorite moment was when I saw Meeko…Kyra met Meeko when she was five, her very FIRST character.  What were the odds that Kyra just got off work and came over to meet us at that moment? I told her Meeko was there and she was a little kid again, freaking out at seeing him again. These pictures are so precious to me because it reminded me again of why we love this place so much.  CHAR9 CHAR10 CHAR11

It was truly a magical moment that I will remember for years to come.

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  1. That is such a magical moment. A random group of characters used to come out every afternoon before Fantasmic. I hope they do this more often.


  2. Very Cool !! What a great way for mom and Bob to end their trip !! Kyra must have been thrilled because everytime I see Cinderella I get super excited because she is my fav !!


  3. That is so MAGICAL!!! Great pictures! I’m glad Kyra was able to spend sometime with Meeko again. I hope Disney continues to have more characters out more often, especially the hard to find ones. That is part of what makes Disney so special, exciting, and of course magical!


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