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Historic Downtown Kissimmee: Part One

241Every city has a downtown area, a Main Street, and I visited mine often when I was growing up in Falls.  I loved the lined streets of small businesses where I could grab a donut, buy a piece of gum, and stop by the bank to deposit some small amount in my proud account.  Upon moving to Florida, the only one I really knew of and visited often was the Main Street inside the Magic Kingdom.  Once Kyra started school, I found myself driving through more areas that I had not tried before, and that’s how I found the Main Street areaof Kissimmee, come walk with me and enjoy!216

Mom and I parked right on the Main Street, and it is a 3 hour parking allowance, free of charge.  Since we were visiting at 10 a.m., there was plenty of parking to be found.  We could see that if it is busy, there is parking spots down every side street and behind a lot of the buildings. 225243

We visited the two Antique shops, which were just awesome!  I will say that they have the market on the Disney stuff- in WI I could buy Disney items for cheap at yard sales, even Thrift shops and Antique Stores because the Theme Parks weren’t near by.  I wouldn’t count on finding that “cheap” Disney item outside the Parks at these types of shops, they know what they have – a captive Disney audience!  Look in your own home town yard sales and shops to get the best deal.  BUT these shops were not only adorable, they were organized well.  The items were pricey, but antiques usually are. If you are looking for that look for your new FL home, check them both out! 227

After window shopping, we headed to “Toho Square” to explore.  A side note, you can explore this area after dark with the Ghost Tours of Historic Kissimmee – seems like something fun to do and they only stay in the downtown area, no cemetaries or anything.  This area is dedicated to a woman, named Bette Sprinkle, who loved the area and they have a statue of her on a bench in the area, so Mom got a pic with her.   There is a restroom in this area, so if you are persuing Main Street, you can duck in here for a potty break.237236233231

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