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Kissimmee Lakefront Park RENNOVATION OPEN TODAY!! Part One

I decided to take a walk at Lakeside Park to explore and take some pictures. Lucky me, I happened upon the first day of it’s newly rennovation open to the public!  I was estatic to not only see this all for the first time, but see the new stuff as well.  It. Is. Gorgeous!!!  I had no idea this beautiful gem of a Lake, nor a Park, existsted behind the Historic Downtown of Kissimmee.  I am excited to report on it as a happy newcomer, local, and Relocated Tourist of cours-enjoy!008

Let’s start with parking, there is several spots that are along Monument Avenue.  They have plans for quite  a bit more parking in the second rennovation area.  The city is spending $25 MILLION on this project…now you know where your $400 license plate fees go too!  As much as it costs, it has been spent well, I can tell you this place is so beautiful.  It took me back to my lakefront days in Neenah and also in Sheboygan.  I’m telling you, if you are a tourist who just drives down the Main Street, you would have ZERO clue this treaure is so close by (I’m thinking they need a much bigger sign pointing to it).

Behind the Monument of States, which starts off this wonderful area, is the Historic Community House.  Yes, I had to peek in through the door to see what it all had in there, and basically it is one large room.  A cool place for a wedding reception, large party, etc..  To make reservations or get more information on this place, call (407) 518-2503.010 (2)

Next I journeyed to the brand new Playground area- wow, if you have kids they are going to go nuts for this place!  The soft playground turf (like bouncing on nerf balls), and it has two specific areas for kids  1-5 and 5-12 which is clearly posted.  I LOVE that they put signs up for this, as parents don’t have to worry about the ‘big” kids running over their little ones, plus it can be enforced by adults and others if need be because of the marked signs.  Bravo Kissimmee!  And the playground equipment is so cool- if you have little ones, you MUST come over and play with them here.018 019 020

Once I was done checking out the playground, I headed to a very cool statue sitting off in the corner of the lakefront. Dedicated to the Serice Men who served in the Seige of Bataan & Corregidor, a plaque stands there with all the information along with the really cool statue.  Also I loved the book sculpture at the foot of the statue that reads “Honor those who died that you might stand here free this day” – a soldier of Bataan.  025 024

Want to read and see more? Check out Kissimmee Lakeside Park RENNOVATION OPEN TODAY!! Part Two.

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